Taurus New Moon Crystals: A Ritual for Your Luscious Life

Taurus New Moon Crystals: A Ritual for Your Luscious Life

This new moon in Taurus invites you to look at the quality, not quantity, of your life.

Slow down, smell the spring flowers, wriggle your toes in the mud after a fresh, spring rain.

Reconnect with the Earth and all her splendorous glory.

There’s great magic in the Spring: the energy of fresh starts, the maiden goddess sowing her seeds of life, the feeling of hope that springs eternal.

We’re reminded to enjoy our lives, the world around us, in great ways and small. For life is fleeting, and precious.

Did any of you dance ‘round the Maypole on May 1st? Weave a wreath of flowers in your hair? Prepare your gardens for the growth of summer?

The old sabbat, Beltane, occurs on the 1st of May, and it initiates a powerful cycle of mysteries and magic – a portal that stays open until the summer solstice in June.

AND, we’re in a time when the sun is now waxing to full – there’s plenty of success vibes to go around, it’s all in how you direct them!

Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus, is a sign of wealth, abundance, beauty, earthiness, simplicity, love, sensuality, and grounding.

It’s interesting to note, too, that cows and bulls were often held sacred by the gods and goddesses of old. Zeus would transform himself into a bull. Brigid was accompanied by two white heifers. Helios had a sacred, beautiful herd kept by two of his daughters.

In runic lore, Taurus can be found in the symbol of fehu – again representing wealth, growth, plenty, status, fulfillment.

So, how can all of this glorious energy in this magical time find embodiment in your own life?

Some New Moon Intention Magic w/ Crystals

For this ritual you will need: a piece of ruby, tiger eye, or peridot, and a clear quartz point.

Tiger eye - abundance, grounding, stability

Tiger eye - abundance, grounding, stability

Ruby - wealth, passion, luxury

Ruby - wealth, passion, luxury

Peridot - abundance, health, joy

Peridot - abundance, health, joy

Quartz point - activator

Quartz point - activator

  1. Wear or hold tiger eye, ruby, or peridot. Wearing your crystal(s) as near to your heart chakra, or held in your receptive (non-dominant) hand works best.

  2. Close your eyes, focus on the crystals for a few moments, and invite their energy into your body. See that energy rippling outward into your life.

  3. Now take some time to draw, collage, write, or vision about how you would like to enrich your life. The areas of relationships, money, health, beauty, property, and art are particularly resonant for this phase.

  4. Make a list of a few intentions or seeds you’d like to plant.

  5. In true Taurean fashion, keep it simple – focus on what would improve the quality of your life and experience. Be as big or small, ascetic or resplendent, whatever would truly bring you joy.

  6. Now hold your clear quartz, and focus on one intention at a time. Don’t just focus on what it is, but how it would enrich your life, the feeling of it.

  7. For instance, if it’s a glorious work of art you’d like to be able to own or purchase. See it hanging on your wall, imagine how you feel as you stand in front of it, walk past it on a daily basis. Let that feeling infuse and inspire you.

  8. Once you’ve done, wrap the list around your quartz, and bury it in soil (preferably a garden, but the pot of a healthy plant will do, too). If you’re not a plant person, symbolically “bury” it in a bedroom drawer or closet.

  9. Place your drawing, collage, list, or story in a sacred place, and keep your crystals with it, or continue to wear them on a daily basis.

  10. On every Friday until the next new moon (Gemini on June 3rd), sit and hold your crystals while reconnecting with your intentions. Let the energy and feeling of your intentions flow through you, rippling outward into your life.

  11. Then let it go, and trust in the winds of the fates to bring you what you truly desire.