How To Work With Tiger Eye

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Tiger eye is a wonderful, balancing, centering, and grounding crystal that's perfect to wear on a daily basis.

Work with it by wearing it in the form of jewelry, in pockets, in your bra, or by taping it over your solar plexus chakra (the chakra just below your rib cage) when:

  • you're working on boundary issues
  • you need to have more stamina and energy throughout the day
  • you're going through a challenging time, have a heavy workload, or are in a high-pressure situation and you need to keep steady and keep going

Meditate with it or place tiger eye over your solar plexus chakra to help you:

  • work through abundance blocks
  • have more emotional balance and stability
  • to stay grounded, steady, and functioning with an "even keel"

Make a crystal tonic with it or place it over your stomach within the first hour after eating if you're experiencing digestive issues or having trouble assimilating nutrients from your food.

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