Severing Draining Energy Connections: Waning Moon Crystal Magic w/ Black Obsidian

The new and full moons have become powerful focal points in our community, but when we tune into the additional moon phases (the quarter moons), the magical rhythm of our lives can take on greater form and meaning.

We've now entered the 4th quarter or waning crescent moon (until the new moon on May 4th at 6:45pm).

This phase is a deep and internal time of facing that which we need to heal or release, or cultivate in the darker or more hidden parts of ourselves (psychic + intuitive development, past life or karmic healing, and banishment).

It's timing is elegant and purposeful, because if we use it wisely, it empowers us for the new moon and our intentions.

Manifestation tip:
The art of manifestation requires energy + focus. If your energy is split in too many directions in your life, or if it's being too drained, there's less potency available to help activate and manifest your intentions into being.

I've included a ritual below that will guide you through working with the energy of the waning crescent moon phase, and using a piece of black obsidian to sever draining energy connections that are pulling you away from your potential, holding you back from positive co-creation.

Black Obsidian Crystal Magic

Black obsidian is an epic crystal to work with at this time, as it's shiny, volcanic glass surface reflects that which is inside of us. Our deeper aspects, shadow selves, it brings to the surface of our awareness that which is draining us, that we must heal, resolve or release.

It is also what I call "the witch's stone", a crystal that severs and repels dark or unhealthy energy connections.

Sit and hold black obsidian in your receptive hand.

Contemplate, journal, or draw about where your energy goes in your life that you feel or suspect isn't serving you. The crystal's vibes will help unearth what you need to see or know.

Ask the crystal "what must I do to release this", and then relax your expectations. Journal or draw, let a solution come to you.

Make a decision to take action, and visualize the energy of black obsidian severing that energy connection like a black, glass sword.

Thank your crystal, and clear its energy.