How To Work With Ruby

How to work with ruby /

Ruby is a must-have crystal: leadership, passion, wealth, health, creativity, nobility, grounding, quality of life. What’s not to like? Here’s how to work with it.

Meditate with ruby or wear it daily:

  • for feelings of enlightened leadership
  • to not feel like the second best, or a doormat anymore
  • to stand more in conviction with yourself, internally and externally
  • be the hero of your life and take more charge 
  • to have energy flow into your sacral chakra for healing and vitality
  • to feel more worthy of it all

Use it in crystal therapy or meditate with it:

  • for sensuality and passion
  • for strength and confidence
  • to feel worthy of wealth and take greater action towards wealth
  • to have a healthy attitude towards prosperity and success 
  • to feel grounded in your reality and towards your dreams
  • and place it on your root chakra for healing and vitality and to remove conditioned imprinting from the root chakra as result of previous illness, trauma etc

Sleep with it:

  • in your bedroom (small chunks in a bowl or place bigger pieces throughout the room) to create an even more loving relationship with your partner
  • to attract a great lover 
  • to attract more loving relationships

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