Crystals for Mercury Retrograde + the Pisces New Moon

Crystals for Mercury Retrograde + the Pisces New Moon

We have a sun and moon in Pisces, Mercury went retrograde at 1:19pm ET today, AND, for some lucky countries, there’s also a time zone change happening at 2am ET this Sunday…

This is going to be fun! 🤪😱🤯🤬😵

My advice to the whole planet for the next 23 days: GROUND! GROUND! GROUND!

While many people focus on the negatives when in Mercury retro, there are a lot of positive aspects, but in order to benefit from them you need to be able to stay grounded and go with the flow.

Best crystals for this: crystals that link the intuitive power of the 3rd eye chakra with the grounding and stabilizing power of the root chakra.

Your intuition is going to be very powerful during this Piscean time, anyway, but by grounding its guidance in your root chakra it will be easier for you to follow it and be guided through this phase smoothly.

Feeling centered and grounded in your root chakra is also what will help you to feel more confident and empowered in going with the flow, and to help you keep on top of things.

My top 3rd eye / root crystal reccos:

Shiva Lingam

shiva lingam /

Hawk’s Eye

blue tiger eye /


ametrine /


fairy stone /


Chiastolite /

Crystal Support for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is a beneficial time to review, revisit, reignite, reorganize, and rest, but it’s also a time when technology, communication, and travel are more likely to become snafu-ed.

They say it’s not a good time to start new projects, sign contracts, make agreements or new plans – great advice, but what happens if your life can’t stop for Merc retro?

Here are some crystals you can hold or wear that can help support you through this phase, so that you can make the best of it (without it getting the best of you!):

smoky quartz /

Smoky quartz – grounding, stress relief

blue kyanite /

Blue kyanite – empowers communication, improves understanding

blue sapphire /

Blue sapphire – order, structure, organization, logic, combats mental overwhelm

Fluorite beauty /

Fluorite – improves focus, coordination, and reasoned thinking

jade sphere /

Jade – a stone of good fortune and self-mastery to help bless your path

apophyllite cluster /

Apophyllite – hold when you need the higher perspective for serenity, guidance, harmony, and a more zen-like approach

Crystals for Pisces New Moon

And a final note on crystals for this new moon in Pisces: While all these crystal recommendations so far have been to help you stay grounded and manage the day to day, the new moon in Pisces invites us to dream.

It’s a time when our psychic senses, our feelings, our empathic abilities, and creative vibes are heightened.

So here’s a little crystal magic to work on the night of the new moon:

Hold a piece of clear quartz or a Herkimer diamond in your dominant hand, and focus on an intention for your dream state.

It could be:

· To activate or strengthen a psychic ability

· Prophecy

· To receive divine inspiration or creative ideas

· Vision work

· Journeying to other realms or the Akashic records

· Emotional healing

· Enhanced dreams or dream state

Place that Herkimer or quartz under your pillow, add a piece of celestite for high frequency energy + protection, sodalite for inner wisdom and memory, moonstone for sweet dreams, and smoky quartz to help maintain your connection to your body.

Keep the combination there until you feel the effects of your dreams or achieve your intention.


herkimers /


celestite /


sodalite /


moonstone /

Smoky Qtz

smoky quartz /

Ps. Are you an Empath? If you’re interested in learning how to work with crystals to help shield yourself, as well as to empower you in your empathic gifts and abilities, my “Crystal Empowerment for Empaths” course launches next week!

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