Crystal Power for the New Moon in Aquarius: Becoming

Aquarius New Moon Crystals /

So after months of shifting, releasing, facing things, planning… Isn’t it nice to be emerging into energy that’s all about us BECOMING?

If you’re ready for the good times to roll, then start rolling, because by many accounts this is an auspicious new moon especially for new projects!

Of course, as is always the case with Universal energy, it’s all in how you use it.

Aquarius represents the mind, the greater good, the sum of the parts, the group vs. the individual. It is a sign of humanitarianism, selflessness, and ideals.

As is mirrored by the energy of this new moon, we’re in a place now where, having done the work, we can forge new paths and open up to new ways of being.

The challenge is in grounding all of this mental energy: We need to pursue the plans we’ve made and the ideas we’re having in order for them to happen. And we also need to be mindful of overcoming any fear or resistance that may come up in response to the newness of it all.

I freely admit that, while I have been consciously working towards all of this in my own experience, there’s also a fear popping up of who I will BE in this new paradigm of mine. What will my life be like, what will I be like? It’s unchartered territory which is exciting but also shoves me out of my comfort zone. And my ego really likes my comfort zone.

It’s a very human, unconscious fear of change and of the unknown. But while that fear feels it’s serving to protect me, I know it will only succeed in holding me back and keeping me from feeling happier and more fulfilled.

Does any of this resonate for you?

If so, my Akashic guides have some advice and also a little experiment for you to for this lunar cycle!

Risk Saying Yes to Your Intuition

According to my guides, the way to sidestep any fear or resistance that may come up during this new moon phase is to commit to following our intuition.

By grounding and embodying our intuitive guidance, we naturally merge with Universal flow and stay in alignment with our paths and what is for our highest.

In other words: it will naturally guide us through the process of becoming. We’ll look up and realize that we’re already living and being in the new way we desired. Cool, right?

Collectively, people who live in this soul-centered way make up a more enlightened and empowered whole. By honoring the true self and leading better lives, we are in a greater position to help the world around us.

So rather than a ritual, here’s a practice they’ve suggested for this whole lunar cycle (until the new moon in Pisces on March 6th): Practice saying YES to your intuition on a daily basis, and see where it leads you.

So All I Have to Do Is Follow My Intuition for a Month? But What if That’s Not Easy for Me?

Crystals to the rescue! It’s been my experience that crystals are really good at helping with this, and it’s as easy as wearing them on a daily basis and following my suggestions below:

  1. Choose one of the crystals listed here in this article

  2. Wear it every day and clear it every night (OR, sleep with it every night and clear it during the day)

  3. Affirm at the start of each day that you’re practicing listening to and following your intuition (this helps to create safety as the intention of practicing something usually alleviates the pressure of having it perfect)

  4. Note every time you feel an intuitive nudge or prompt, and then make a choice – are you willing to follow it and see where it leads? Risk saying YES!

  5. Notice what happens as a result. Positive results motivate you to follow your intuition more, while negative results prompt you to check in and see if your fear is getting in the way. Either way don’t give up, this is the type of thing where persistence pays off.

Here are some crystals that can be of service to you

All of the crystals below help to boost your intuition while at the same time grounding it in your physical experience.

They link the cognitive + psychic power of the 3rd eye chakra with the earth element of the root chakra.

Blue Tiger Eye

Blue tigers eye /

Shiva Lingam

Shiva lingam /


Chiastolite /

Menalite (aka. Fairy Stone)

menalite /


Nuumite /



Seize this opportunity dear ones! The only way to make your dreams come true is to make them come true: making choices + taking actions that are in alignment with your vision are what help to create its reality. The rest is up to the Universe, and the Universe has your back ❤️

Krista N. Mitchell