Crystal Healing for the New Moon in Cancer + Solar Eclipse

Crystal Healing for New Moon in Cancer + Solar Eclipse /

Hullo luvs!

On Tuesday, July 2nd at 3:16pm, we'll be entering the new moon in Cancer phase as well as experiencing a solar eclipse.

New moons always represent new phases according to the theme of the sign they're in; solar eclipses herald change or transformation that propels us forward on our evolutionary journey.

As Cancer (the crab) represents our home, family, roots, emotional needs, introspection, comfort, and our foundations (physical, mental, emotional), we can expect potential big change or revelations in this area.

Adding to this, Mercury goes retrograde on July 7th (until the 31st). We'll feel a greater pull to draw within, contemplate, review, revisit, and re-do or reconsider.

This may all sound, and feel, quite dramatic.

I've found through my life and experience as both healer and human, that the best way to flow through powerful phases is to channel their energies in ways that are for our highest good.

As someone who’s been in the process of breaking free of old patterns and ways of being that were holding me back, I actually look forward to eclipse seasons and Mercury retrogrades: Out with the old, in with the new!!

It’s not always a comfortable or pain-free process, I know, having already experienced a deep loss this week. But life is made by change, and I’ve learned to look for the healing, Grace, or gift from even the saddest experiences.

If you move through them consciously, allowing yourself to surrender what you cannot control, powerful cosmic phases like eclipse season and Merc retro can be times of healing and positive change.


Here are some positive ways you can direct the flow of this cosmic energy:

  • Focus on healing family or close friend relationships, or on ancestral healing

  • Reconnect with people you love

  • Clear out old possessions you no longer use — hold a yard sale or donate them to a charity

  • Nurture yourself with self-care rituals, healthy meals, gentle exercise, and time spent in nature

  • Find ways you can make your home or sleep space feel more comfortable and secure

  • Journal or draw about what truly, deeply, matters most to you, and then do a quick review of your present life: how well are these things being honored and/or represented? Are there changes you need to make to realign your life with your truth?


Crystal Healing Layout for this Phase

My guidance from this new moon / eclipse phase is that it is divinely designed to help support us in letting go of old patterns and embracing new ones in terms of our homes, family relationships, self-care, and work/life balance.

It’s a time when we’re being encouraged to go within and nurture, and check in on the foundations of our lives: Have you built on the right thing or principles? Is it time for some fundamental shifts?

There’s a focus on supporting self-care through times of great change (or loss), and also an emphasis on the idea that the more you wish to be Spirit or heart-led, the more you have to trust.

As such, I designed the crystal layout below, focusing on the 4 lower chakras for grounding, emotional/mental/physical foundation support, self-love/care, and easing through transition.

Place each crystal on its assigned chakra, relax and receive the energy for 20 - 40 minutes. It is best done on or after the time the new moon / solar eclipse goes exact (3:16pm on Tuesday, July 2nd).

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Heart Chakra — Rose Quartz

  • Self-love

  • Self-worth

  • Self-care

  • Nurturing

  • Balancing

  • Heart chakra expansion

  • Purity of intention

  • Emotional healing

  • Connection to nature, the Divine, and loved ones

large rose quartz with petals /

Solar Plexus Chakra — Honey Calcite

  • Learning new things

  • Releasing the old

  • Easing through transition

  • Clearing blocked energy

  • Adopting new ways of being

  • Self-acceptance

  • Embracing or embodying your truth

  • Celebrating your authentic self + identity

  • Surrender

honey calcite /

Sacral Chakra — Orange Calcite

  • Emotional nurturing

  • Clearing of emotional or creative energy blocks

  • Soothing

  • Revitalizing

  • Energizing

  • Optimistic

  • Brightening

  • Grounding

  • Gentle, gradual healing of old emotional wounds + intimacy issues

  • Pleasure

orange calcite /

Root Chakra — Ruby

Note: Because anything relating to the home, family, foundation, or life change greatly affects the root chakra, the goal is to charge that chakra with abundant, healthy, vital, positive, grounding, and enlightened energy. If you can only work with one crystal during this new moon / eclipse phase, I highly recommend ruby.

  • Grounding

  • Nurturing

  • Abundance

  • Embodiment

  • Enlightenment

  • Steadfastness

  • Health/Healing

  • Healing relationship/family-oriented wounding

  • Heart-based choices


I hope this was of service to you!

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