Scorpio Full Moon: A Crystal Healing Ritual for Deep Transformation

Scorpio Full Moon Crystal Healing Ritual for Deep Transformation /

Scorpio full moon date: Saturday, May 18th 2019 at 5:11pm ET


Scorpio full moons are very powerful.

The energy of Scorpio is intense. It’s full of magnetism, hidden secrets, dark places, fixed focus, embodiment of the shadow self, introspection, persistence, and sensual pleasure.

I always think of Scorpio as the sex and death sign, one of dark magicks being worked in the hob hollow.

Pair that with the potent vibes of a full moon, and you’ve got a heck of a night for conjuring!

The energy of a full moon can be worked two ways: pull or push, manifestation or banishment, depending on when you work it.

The moon waxing full is when attraction frequencies are at their highest. The moon waning full is a time to forcibly repel.

So you’ve got choices in how you want to work this Scorpio full moon energy: is there some deep desire you’d like to have manifest, or is there something you wish to be freed from?

This full moon also falls on a Saturday, the planetary day of Saturn. Saturn’s magical correspondences are binding, shrinking, restricting, decreasing, contracts + legal matters (this is why weddings were traditionally held on Saturdays), elders, the dark arts, time, structure, habit breaking, spell reversals and shifts in energy.

So it behooves me to say, whatever you decide to call in or let go, choose wisely because you’ll be wielding a lot of power.

Sounds dramatic? Well that’s very Scorpio!

On a personal note, it was on a Scorpio full moon three years ago when I fell to my knees and finally surrendered a lot of sh**. My life wasn’t working, my business wasn’t working, my health was bad, my pups’ health was bad. I was wounded and scared and angry and feeling lost. All I knew for sure what that I couldn’t, simply could not, go on like that anymore.

I absolutely had to change, needed to change, and I needed it right then and there.

A mentor had once told me that you have to give to get with Scorpio. It’s a powerful manifestation sign (especially for love and money), but it needs something from you in return.

So I crafted a crystal ritual where I surrendered and let go what was no longer serving me (specific fears, choosing from a wounded place, not listening to my guidance… it was a loooong list!), and a list of a few requests (wishes, intentions) that I was seeking to receive or have manifest.

If you find yourself now in a time where you’re prepared to let go of some things that are not serving you (relationships, habits, debt, job, etc.), and some things you’re ready to call in, then this ritual below is for you.


Scorpio Full Moon Crystal Healing Ritual


Timing: You can time this ritual to start before the full moon goes exact at 5:11pm ET with your manifestation, and then complete with your releasing after 5:11pm ET, OR, you can do the manifestation work within 24 hours before the moon goes exact, and the releasing within 24 hours after.

Materials: You will need a quartz crystal (amplifier, light coder), a piece of black obsidian (severing connections, protection, banishing), shungite or jet (grounding, purification, transmutation), a black pen or marker, a blue pen or marker, pieces of paper, a piece of black cloth or fabric.

  1. First, clear the energy of your crystals and your space.

  2. Make a list of everything you’re ready to let go with your black pen. Pour your heart out. Be completely honest. Remember that this is a transformation ritual with “go big or go home” type energy, so allow yourself to be courageous. The color black corresponds with banishing, releasing, binding, and protective magic.

  3. Set the list aside.

  4. Now, with your blue pen, write out what you’re truly seeking to achieve or manifest. Again, dive deep into your heart, and be completely honest. The color blue corresponds with the water element (Scorpio’s element), with the subconscious, good fortune, and organization.

  5. Hold your quartz crystal to your heart. Visualize the items on your blue list. Feel love and gratitude for them.

  6. Now gaze upon the moon. Hold your quartz crystal up to your mouth as you whisper your blue list to the moon, to Scorpio. Believe that your prayers have been heard. The quartz will become coded with the energies of your intentions, and will also amplify them to the moon.

  7. After the full moon goes exact, hold your obsidian stone (or jet, or shungite). Let its energy flow through you, and imagine filling with the Scorpio and Saturn power of releasing, banishing, breaking habits, severing connections. Read each item on your black list, and let the darkness of its energy flow out of you and into the obsidian.

  8. When you have finished, tear that list up into pieces and dispose of it right away. You can bury it in earth or throw it in a garbage can (away from your home), or flush it down the toilet.

  9. Wrap your obsidian in the black cloth. Thank it for its service. Ask it to transmute the energy from your list. Keep it in a dark place until the next full moon. Then clear its energy.

  10. Wear or carry your quartz crystal with you every day until the next full moon. As an alternative, you can sit and meditate with it daily while reading your blue list. Then thank your crystal for its service and clear its energy.