The Healing Power of a Quiet Moment

healing power of a quiet moment /

I’ve found myself craving more peace lately. I think it’s due at least in part to all the transformative energy I’ve been feeling, as well as a lot of the work I’ve been doing to prepare for the launch of my book (due out June 7th!). The more I engage online and with social media to build my ‘presence’ (as my coach calls it), the more I feel a lot of static and noise. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not adding my voice to the legion of internet poo-pooers; truth be told I love the internet! It’s how I listen to my music, watch movies, connect with people, and it’s how most people are able to find and connect with me. So it’s been a great addition to my life and experience.

But while we may talk a lot about our own energy, the energy of a space, the energy of other people, and how it all impacts us, we don’t talk as much about the energy of the internet and its impact on our systems.

Like everything else, the internet is its own energy being, with a wide spectrum of vibrations, ranging from the very low to the very high. It’s also a massive conduit for others' energies, intentions, and what-not to come through. It’s important to be aware of this: What are you listening to? Reading? Looking at? Who are you connecting with? 

For years I’ve trained and encouraged people to do grounding and shielding work before they start their day. Do you know that starting your day also includes engaging on your phone, computer, or television? Do you check your phone first thing when you wake up in the morning? Have you thought about the impact of that on your subconscious, when it’s still quite susceptible?

This brings me to the healing power of a quiet moment. The Akashic guides put it so beautifully the other day when they said to one of my clients: "When we take a quiet moment, we let God* into the moment with us.” 

Allowing yourself a quiet moment means engaging only in the present. Not planning what you’ll be doing five minutes from now, or what you’re worried about, not checking your emails/texts/voicemails/messages, not scanning through peoples’ Instagram lives. Just BEING, even if just for a minute, and letting God come into the moment with you. 

You don’t have to be in nature, at church, or sitting on your meditation cushion to have a quiet moment. It can happen in an elevator, at your desk, before you get out of your car, as you stand in the shower, etc. Spirit is around and within us all the time, we just forget. We get so caught up in our lives, and so inundated by the waves and stimuli of electronics and the internet, that we have a tendency to forget. 

It’s all in how we decide to manage our everyday lives and our whole selves that determines our spiritual practice and the level of our conscious awareness. Whenever we come back to Source we experience a healing, no matter how small. This is why having a quiet moment can have such a powerful effect on our health and wellbeing. 

So if you can, commit to a few quiet moments, each and every day, and bring a little more light, peace, and lovin’ into your life. 

*Please note that I use the term God, Goddess, Universe, Spirit, and Source interchangeably, for as a non-denominational minister I see and experience them as one and all the same. I say this because I know many of you may still have healing to do around the word God, or, have chosen to espouse another term that represents Truth to you. I wanted you to know that this is always honored and respected for you here.