Crystals that Clear the Energy in Your Space

crystals for clearing your space /

Hello everyone! We've been enjoying some mild weather here that's been teasing us with the false hopes of an early Spring. Sigh! However, it's made it possible for a few days of open windows, allowing the air and chi to circulate and refresh in our home.

Which brings me to my topic for today: Crystals for clearing your space. As we approach spring cleaning time, don't forget that the energy of your space needs clearing, too!

What does this mean? It means removing or banishing stagnant chi, psychic debris, and heavy or dark energy that might be hanging around in your space, rather like etheric or spiritual cobwebs. This energy needs to be cleared out, otherwise it can have a negative impact on everyone living or working there.

Lower, harmful, or stagnant energy in a space can make you feel more tired, stressed, or anxious when you’re in it. It can negatively impact the energy of your finances, health, business, relationships, and sleep. And it can keep your home from feeling harmonious, peaceful, or safe.

The good news is it’s very easy to clear negative energy from a space (at least in most cases!), and as long as you do it on a regular basis (anywhere from every week to every month), the energy around you should be harmonious and light.

Now it’s important to note that just because you might have a lot of crystals in your space, it doesn’t automatically mean that they’re clearing the energy and keeping it positive. Our homes in many ways are extensions of ourselves; just as crystals we wear on our bodies will impart different energies and absorb different energies (and thus need to be cleared and charged), so too will they impart different energies and absorb different energies in our homes (and thus need to be cleared and charged). 

Crystal properties work in a space just the same (more or less) as they work on us; so while some may impart loving energy, soothing vibes, or some sexy creative pizzaz, not all of them have purifying energy, and most of them will need to be cleared and charged regularly.

Here’s a list of some crystals you can place in your space to help purify the energy, with a few suggestions. Trust your own intuition in terms of placement and number of crystals you might need, and except where otherwise noted, make sure you include them in your regular space clearing ritual!

selenite candle holder /

Selenite: I especially like to place selenite in corners, along perimeters, and on windowsills. Selenite doesn’t need to be cleared but you should put it out under the full moon once a month to be charged. It’s great for bedrooms, meditation spaces, and wherever else you want quiet, peaceful, harmonious vibes.

Tourmaline Quartz /

Tourmaline quartz: Great for rooms that are more active in their energy balance (like living rooms, offices, rec rooms, garages, cars).

blue calcite /

Blue calcite: Great for bathrooms (especially if you love taking baths for relaxation), baby rooms, and meditation spaces.

amethyst cluster /

Amethyst: While it technically doesn’t clear energy to the degree that the above mentioned crystals do, I find it’s ability to ward off and/or subdue negative vibes makes it an excellent choice for any space that sees higher traffic or levels of stress (like your car, foyer, hallways, offices, check-in desks, by the phone, etc.)

green calcite /

Green calcite: Perfect for kitchens as it also imparts vibrations of health, vitality, and abundance.

Orange calcite /
orange selenite /

Orange calcite or peach selenite: Clears energy and at the same time generates feelings of emotional warmth, comfort, ease, and security.