How to Unblock Your Intuition

how to unblock your intuition /

It happens regularly in my work with clients and students that they ask about their intuition. Is it blocked? How can I make it stronger? How can I follow it more? It’s been my experience that if you feel your intuition is blocked, it’s likely that it’s functioning just fine, but that you just haven’t learned how to connect with it (yet).

Every living organism, including plants and cells, has intuition. It’s hardwired into our DNA blueprints as a means of surviving and thriving on this planet. While we may lose access to certain senses or abilities, losing our intuition is next to impossible. It is an inseparable part of our soul.

There was a time in human history when our intuition was ALL – it guided us away from danger, towards food sources, helped us to learn to communicate with each other, and make sense of the world around us.

As human systems of language, religion, politics, culture, and economics developed, we began to rely more and more on what we were told, as opposed to listening to the guiding voice within.

I’ve witnessed quite a massive shift since 2012, seeing and working with more and more people who are slowly, tentatively, reaching out for more than their average everyday experiences, and searching for that spiritual part of themselves again.

The most common block people run into when developing their intuition is this: self-doubt. 

In order to unblock your intuition, you need to be willing to take the risk and trust yourself. 

Your intuition will always be positive, will always be about your highest good, and will always be about helping you move forward, because it is the voice of your SOUL. This is why it can never go wrong.

Your ego makes misguided attempts to protect and provide for you through fear tactics, so there's always a negative voice, meaning, or undertone to it. And because it's focused on the bad things that can happen, that's inevitably where it guides you. 

Here's how you can unblock your intuition and make it easier to follow:

  • Do a daily soul-centering exercise: Spend one minute at the start of your day to sit quietly, eyes closed, and take a couple of deep breaths to help clear your mind and relax. Imagine breathing down into your center, where you feel your soul resides (it’s important to feel this, not think it). Breathe into your soul, and allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in the moment. Resolve to maintain that connection throughout the day, then take a deep breath, and continue on with your morning.
  • Log your hunches: Whenever you feel what you think might be an intuition come up during the day, make a note of it and choose whether or not to follow through on it. Keep tabs on results. The more positive results you have from listening to your intuition, the more motivated you'll be to follow it, and the stronger it will become.
  • Ask for guidance: We can often forget that we can ask our souls and the Divine for help. Have a silent conversation with your intuition. Ask it for its guidance, tell it you’re listening. Be willing to follow.
  • Wear crystals on a daily basis: Amethyst, shiva lingam, blue tiger eye, citrine, moonstone, or jade boosts your intuition and makes it clearer and easier to hear.
  • Pay attention to what you're feeling: Keep reminding yourself to be mindful, because it’s hard to hear and follow your intuition if you’re on autopilot, rushing around, stressed or worried. Stop, breathe, and tune in to how you're feeling in this moment. The more you pay attention to yourself and your feelings, the easier it is to connect with your intuition.

One more block that can sneak in while you're developing your intuition: self-pressure. Stay focused on the process instead of getting caught up in expectations. When you start pressuring yourself, you start blocking yourself. Allowing is key: take another deep breath, just focus on the process, and everything will flow.

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