A Moment For Your Soul To Surface & Breathe

Here are some ways you can let go and let the light of your soul shine (tip: they all involve unplugging from media and devices for a tick):

Here are some ways you can let go and let the light of your soul shine (tip: they all involve unplugging from media and devices for a tick):


Lately it's felt like the hits just keep on coming. All the terrible things happening in the world. Fear and stress as tension and violence mounts, and as concerns for the environment and state of the world grow. Individually I've also been experiencing a wave of personal challenges (Mom in hospital, dog has a seizure, car breaks down, week of being brutally sick, etc. etc.). 

I've made an effort to always try to uplift people with my work, as opposed to going dark. There's enough darkness in the world, in our lives, in our psyches. But there are times when unicorns and sparkles, a little magic, while pretty and offering perhaps a moment of respite, just don't cut it. The relief doesn't go deep enough.

There are other ways to uplift, and I suspect that many of us might need them right now. I do.

A reminder of our fortitude, resilience, and purpose. A confirmation that being resolute in our commitment to the light and our healing process, our self-care needs, is not foolish, selfish, or whimsical. If we give up on our light, our loves, and our faith, what's left? Nothing I want to see: a world that's WAY too dark.

Stars are light that travels to us from distant, far off places in space and time. They are the light that shines through the darkness. When our souls surface, they emit this light. Let this image above be a reminder that you are part of that light. A necessary, integral, beloved part of that light.

Here are some ways you can let go and let the light of your soul shine (tip: they all involve unplugging from media and devices for a tick):

  • Spend time alone in nature. Take a couple deep breaths and then invite nature's healing chi to fill every cell of your being. Give yourself time to soak it up.
  • Meditate. Any style you can, for however long you can. Note: mindfully cleaning your dishes or taking a walk count as meditative practices, too.
  • Change your story. Whatever you're tellingyourself that's bringing you down, STOP, right now. Shift your mindset to something that feels positive, whether it's a resolution, affirmation, moment of gratitude, or something that brings you joy. Make this a practice. Commit to it.
  • Say YES. What can you say yes to, right now, that helps you to feel better? A loving decision. A moment for self-care. A reward. Creating a positive expectation. Acknowledging your feelings or truth. Giving yourself MORE?
  • Shift your energy. Indulge in exercise that helps create an inner mindset like running, swimming, walking, hiking so that you can hear your voice inside. Hold crystals like rose quartz, sodalite, hiddenite, or chrysanthemum stone.
  • Journal. Give yourself the space to have a real conversation with yourself, your soul, God or your guides. Pay attention to the YOU that's underneath the surface. What does he/she need? What guidance can you receive if you ask for it?

In this month's Libra New Moon meditation, the key themes were about relationships, love, harmony. What channeled through me was an intense desire for stillness, inner quiet, peace, a moment to just breathe, and examine first our relationships to our selves, our bodies, feelings, heart and souls, so that we may then gaze upon the relationships in our lives from a place of loving strength, compassion, and willingness for healthy change.

Microcosm/macrocosm: How much of what we're experiencing in the world right now is based on dysfunctional, distorted, and/or disconnected relationships to one another, society, nations, the environment, nature, faith? It ALL starts inside each and every person, and their relationship to their feelings, needs, heart, and their alignment with their soul.

I've come back to this practice daily, and it has been of service to me. If you feel this could be of service to you, click on the button below to download this month's new moon meditation based on Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis' new moon astrology.

Sweet blessings to you, nurture your shine 💛