Year of the Monkey - What You Need To Know About This Year's Energy

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I’ve heard many good things about this year in terms of the possibilities of success, transformation, abundance, and opportunity, which is wonderful news! But I’ve also heard the flip-side, and so I’ve been guided to address that from a high vibration place so that we can all move forward into this new year with the wisdom, guidance, and grace that some of us may find we need in order to truly make 2016 a year of awesomeness.

According to many of my friends and colleagues who read the stars, elements, or channel higher dimensional beings, this year is said to be one that will be challenging, turbulent, (but on a high note) will be all in how you make it. They might soft-talk it or be vague in discussing it, but I can be a bit of a pushy broad and I want to hear the straight up truth as they see it. And that’s how they see it.

Now the Cosmos is always going to do its thing, and when you’re in a process of accelerated evolution (like many of us are), challenges and turbulence are simply a part of how we grow and discover more of our own gifts and divine power. Great right? I admit though that in the past, my reaction to predictions of challenge used to be one of fear. "Oh my God, what’s going to happen to me?! Can’t I just have a period of smooth sailing for a while?!!" 

Let me tell you guys - I’M SO OVER FEAR! The Akashic guides have explained many times that fear is a natural and necessary part of the human condition, which I can appreciate and understand. But its power over me? Bleh, over it, done! It’s too draining, it makes me miserable, and it’s never served me in any real way (except by making me feel drained, and miserable).

So my response this year was: "Ok, if this year is going to be all in how I make it, how can I make it a win?"

I went into the Akashic Records, and I asked my guides for their wisdom and for guidance that I could share that would be of service and/or inspiration to people this year. This is what they had to say:

The year of 2016 will certainly be a time of turbulence. These energies are meant to shake things loose, switch things up, free us of what no longer serves, get us back on path and moving forward again. However, they pointed out that change or upheaval can either be transformative or destructive, and in their words it was “all in how you ride the wave”.

Pick a point of focus, and use the energy of this year for momentum and power behind your goals. If you’ve got a clear vision, and you're taking daily action towards that vision, this can be an incredible year of fortune and success (in any and all of its forms) for you. 

They went on to say that “When you anchor yourself in the things you love (which is different from attachment) you are grounded in your authenticity and true power. Not just external things, but in what you love about yourself, what you truly feel passionate about, who you really are, what you really love to do, who you really love to be with, etc.”. 

If you anchor yourself in love, in all its varied forms and expressions in your life, and keep that as a daily practice, you’ll be riding your wave in a way that is most auspicious for you. Returning to what you love, and your feelings of love, as a touchstone or as your base point, will sustain you and keep you in alignment with your authentic self. And from that place, you can focus on your vision, move forward, and shine with Grace and power.

So what is your vision for this year? What goals have you put in place to help you pursue it? What do you truly, deeply love? What passions fire you up? What can  you consistently return to that aligns you with your soul, and your true power? What scares the heck out of you but you feel like you’ve got to do it, anyway?

We are all empowered, Divine children of Source. Each moment of each day of each year the Cosmos is gonna do its thing. And that’s ok, because we’re gonna do our thing, too. What an incredible opportunity we’ve been given to experience more of our full power!

Pick your focus point. Ride the wave. Anchor yourself in your love. And if you need help with any of this, you know where to find me. ;)