Here's How Manifestation Works, Step By Step

My personal experience is that Manifestation is real. It works. But it's a process!

My personal experience is that Manifestation is real. It works. But it's a process!


My personal experience is that Manifestation is real. It works. But it's a process!

There's a lot of info out there on the art of manifestation, some of it's great, some of it's fluff. Your reality will not altar with a twitch of your nose or wishful thinking. It changes when YOU change.

Vision becomes reality through planning. This means knowing your desires, but then making choices in alignment with those desires, and taking actions that move you towards your goals.

What can get in the way? Shadow beliefs that block you, patterns of choice that don't serve you, and commitments or behaviors that are holding you back.

How do you make your dreams happen? Here's the #1 most important step: Say YES to them. Own them. Claim them. From the bottom of your heart & guts. This is where your energy begins to shift, and then you're primed to make manifest.

Here's how you can come even closer to your dreams:

  1. Ditch what's getting in the way. Do some inner processing work, either through journaling or with a coach, to figure out what's holding you back, and how you can either release it, heal it, or resolve it so that you can move forward. This also creates space for what you're seeking to manifest to come into your experience.
  2. Get clear on your vision. Now do some soul-searching, and ask yourself what you REALLY want to create, attract, or manifest into your experience, including positive changes you want to make. This isn't a list of should's, keep it honest, real and truthful -- that's what will bring you the most joy!
  3. Make sure your desires are in alignment with your soul. Another thing that blocks us in manifestation: pursuing things we don't truly, deeply desire. Our spirit's just not in it, so it doesn't happen, or it does but then we wonder why we're not happy. Connect with your gut feelings and ask yourself if what you're intending is truly in alignment. If it feels good, great! If it feels off, then it's off.
  4. Create goals, timelines, and action steps to help move you towards your dreams. Reality check: co-creating means working WITH the Universe! You do your part and then let the Universe to its own. You can't control the world around you, but you can always control your choices. Make choices and take actions that are in alignment with your dreams, and you're in the process of actively achieving them!