How to Get Back Into Your Power

how to get back into your power /

All kinds of things can take us out of our power: moments of fear, insecurity, or uncertainty, stress and anxiety, feeling challenged or provoked, emotional flare ups, or when someone does or says something that triggers an old wound.

In these moments we become less grounded, less aware of our breathing, we get caught up in our heads, and we forget who we are – not as in who we are by name, but who we are by divine right - empowered, loving, and sacred beings of Spirit.

Very few of us are raised in a way that our own connection to our divine inner power (or personal power, if you will) is nurtured, encouraged, and explored. However, as adults we have the freedom to reclaim our power, and to nurture, encourage and explore that connection now.

Given the uncertainty and upset generated by recent global events (ie: earthquakes, Brexit, and the USA election to name a few) and the fears surrounding what may come in the future, it’s been stated to me by my guides that helping people reconnect to their power is more important than ever.             

Here’s the thing to bear in mind: when there is opportunity for chaos and destruction, there is also opportunity for new order and creation. It’s an equal opportunity, and as energy is bent and shaped by frequency and vibration, matter takes form. I

t’s not a matter of “if we will it, it will come”, it’s a matter of “what we’re willing, will come”. It doesn’t matter which path you’re walking, life is your school, and as such there will always be obstacles and challenges to be faced. But what comes with that is also great triumphs, joy, and mastery. It’s an equal opportunity.

What is constant, always forever constant, is our inner power. It never fluctuates, it never dims from this life to the next. It is an omnipotent, omnipresent, infinite source of light. It is god, and it is grace, and in times of challenge we can forget this, we can disconnect from it, but it never, ever leaves us.

It’s time to reconnect.

When we are in our power we are grounded, present, authentic, and real. There’s the space, energy and will to respond to that which is occurring around us in accordance with our highest selves and good. There’s no room for doubt, no whiff of regret – it’s living life at its finest.

Your soul is simply not constructed to ever lead you astray. It came here with a mission, and it has no ego or shadow self or childhood trauma or fears about what it can’t control. It is perfection in its essence, it is the only guide you ever really truly need, and it’s right there inside you all of the time.

Fortunately, reconnecting to your inner divine power (aka. your soul) is easy. All it takes is a quiet moment, some conscious breathing, and the will for it to happen. You can follow the steps below, or watch my video to lead you through it.

I recommend putting this into practice first thing when you get up in the morning, and to repeat it periodically throughout the day whenever you feel you’ve disconnected, have a decision to make, or when you need that added support and guidance.

The more you put reconnecting to your power into practice, the more it becomes engrained in your consciousness, and the more fully you’ll be living in your power. Here are the steps:

  1. Bring your awareness to your breathing. Pay attention to the air flow in and out of you as you inhale and exhale (for some of you it may be easier to do this with your eyes closed).
  2. Shift your awareness to your heart chakra or heart center. Engage with that center by expressing gratitude for its presence inside you, and mindfully exchanging in giving and receiving its love. Placing your hands over your heart and repeating the mantra “thank you, I love you, thank you” can be helpful.
  3. Drop down. Now shift your awareness to where you feel or imagine your center, inner self, or soul to reside in your body. Gently placing your hands there can help strengthen your awareness. Imagine breathing down into that place, and that with each breath you are dropping more deeply into its core.
  4. Engage. Allow yourself a few moments to rest in this place, to experience its feelings of serenity, depth, and stillness. If in a time of crisis, upset, or fear, questions such as “What can I do?” or “What do I need?” will help connect you with guidance or right action. Allow the responses to float up from this place, without judgement or censure, so that they can come through more clearly. This is not the time to engage your brain, as that will only pull you up out of the connection.
  5. Anchor. Now imagine hooking an anchor into this place, or planting and seed that swiftly roots into your power. Take a couple of deep breaths, and then float your awareness back up to presence and the world around you.

You are now in your power.

It’s natural as human beings that our attention is going to drift, and that circumstances may frequently knock us out of our power. Please forgive yourself if that happens, and especially after moments where you feel you have “given your power away” (which, after reading this article, you know now can ever actually happen).

Even in moments of great joy, being in your power enables you to more fully live in those moments. It’s a worthy exercise, and again, very important in these times of change, challenge, and healing.