How to Work with Smoky Quartz

how to work with smoky quartz /

Smoky quartz is the #1 crystal for stress relief.

You can wear it on a daily basis (in a pocket, as jewelry, etc.) for stress management, as it helps to clears stress from our systems. It also helps us to take on less negative energy and to feel less negative throughout the day.

You can work with smoky quartz in your sleep! Place it at your feet when you go to bed to help draw stress, tension, negative energy out of your system while you're sleeping.

You can hold it in your receptive (non-dominant) hand during spiritual work to keep you safely tethered to your body, including astral travel, upperworld journey, Akashic Record readings, high vibration or dimensional work, to help you ground yourself back down into your system and feel centered when you're done.

Meditate with smoky quartz to help manage stress, anxiety, for added grounding & centering, or when you feel like you need a positive energy shift.

It helps healers when doing energy clearing, aura clearing, or shamanic extraction on their clients. Place a large (2-4") piece of smoky quartz at your client's root chakra, solar plexus, at their feet, or in their hands. It helps to clear auric attachments from the aura and dissolve negativity. 

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