How to Work with Red Tourmaline

How to Work with Red Tourmaline /

Red tourmaline (aka. rubellite) is a powerful heart healing stone that helps to expand the heart chakra, flooding our system with love energy, and supports us in deep emotional healing.

It’s also a crystal that, once we have done deep emotional healing, can help us to attract soulmate or true love (if that’s in your cards for this lifetime!).

It’s not a crystal I recommend wearing for long periods of time a daily basis because it can make you quite emotional.

It helps to balance a deficient heart chakra, meaning too little energy flowing through, which can create emotional coldness, lack of intimacy, and other behavioral issues.


Here’s some practical tips on how to work with it:

  • hold it in your receptive hand while in meditation or in healing sessions. It can also be placed on the heart chakra in crystal healing sessions.

  • wear it over the heart chakra when in therapy, while journaling, or working through your emotional healing process.

  • meditate with it for a few minutes before sleeping, and then place it under your pillow to dream of your soulmate, or receive emotional healing guidance.

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