How to Work with Turquoise

How to work with turquoise /

Turquoise is a stone of spiritual mastery that helps mystics, healers, shamans and sages tune into the voice of Spirit, the soul, the land, and our own inner truth. It’s also one of the stones most commonly faked in the marketplace. Here’s how to work with it:

Wear it daily:

  • to be more in tune with Spirit, which is the Divine Spirit as well as your own inner spirit -- your own inner voice and truth
  • to connect more with the air element, which can help you to connect with ideas that are your own as well as ideas and inspiration that comes from Spirit (such as earth elementals, and deities)
  • to clear off the spiritual layer of your aura, especially if you're empathic and sensitive and feel there's a lot of darkness or heaviness in your aura
  • to become a better listener and improve the quality of your communication with others
  • to be more present 

Meditate with it:

  • to connect with your own spiritual truth
  • if you are walking the path of healer, shaman or sage to enhance your connection to Divine guidance and information
  • if you want to build a stronger connection to animal totems, tree totems, spirits of nature, spirits of the land

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Turquoise Fakes

Fake turquoise made of powder and resin  Image credit:

Fake turquoise made of powder and resin

Image credit: