How to Work with Angelite

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Angelite is a beautiful, soothing stone that is as gentle as it is powerful, connecting you with the angelic realm, and giving you an overall sense of peace and calm. Here’s how to work with it:

Meditate with it:

  • to soothe feelings of anxiety, anger, and anticipating fear and dread
  • hold it to your heart's center and breathe while allowing its vibes to relax you
  • hold it in your receptive hand if you are new to meditation to help calm and quiet the mind to bring you back into alignment
  • to disengage from the thoughts of the mind and mediate with greater ease and focus
  • if you are calling in angelic intervention or angelic guidance 
  • to work with angelic beings 

Wear it daily or sleep with it:

  • when you need to get a perspective on the world and to feel safe in the world 
  • if you are empathic and sensitive
  • to respond to the world with more love and compassion
  • to connect more with our higher purpose
  • to come more into a headspace of loving energy

Place it in a baby's room:

  • for sweet and calm energy (Watch Video Here)
  • for gentle and protective energy in the baby's room

NOTE: Angelite is very sensitive and can get damaged easily by water. Do not clear this crystal with water. Instead use sound, reiki or other plant matter such as sage or palo santo to clear Angelite. 

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