How to Work with Moldavite

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Moldavite is an extremely powerful and incredible crystal that is believed to be of extra-terrestrial origin, and the inspiration for kryptonite in the "Superman" stories.

You can wear it or meditate with it to:

  • activate your inner transformation, potential, mysticism
  • access past life memories, determine your karmic path and soul purpose
  • move forward and come into your power

Depending on your etheric blueprint, moldavite can feel soothing or overwhelming.

It it's the latter for you, wear a smaller piece on a daily basis (you don’t need a big piece when working with moldavite!), or balance it with smoky quartz, ruby, or heart stones that connect with the heart with the root chakra like rhodonite or eudialyte.

The heart stones will help with grounding moldavite's energy in your daily life and activities, as they keep it's vibes in alignment with your heart's true path.

Wearing or meditating while holding moldavite can help you with:

  • spiritual & psychic activation (you can sleep with it taped to  your 3rd eye chakra at night to help open your 3rd eye abilities)
  • weight loss
  • creative + cognitive (mental) abilitie

There are no limits to what moldavite can help you with, but it's very important to pay attention to how it makes you feel.

If it starts to feel like it's too much, or if you feel overwhelmed, agitated, anxious, while wearing it, or if you're feeling like you're experiencing too much change, seeing weird things, it’s all potentially a sign that the energy is too much.

If this resonates for you, take breaks from moldavite, work with it only for a short period of time, or pace it out in your meditations.

Remember to honor your process and divine timing, and moldavite can be a true ally in your transformation and activation of dormant abilities.

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