How to Work with Heart Healing Crystals

How to Work with Heart Healing Crystals /

If you’re in the process of recovering from a bad breakup or painful divorce, or if you are healing from heartbreak, loss, grief, or emotional trauma, the following crystals can help provide healing energy for you on a daily basis.

The most practical way to work with them is to wear them over the heart chakra on a daily basis:

  • in a pouch in your bra

  • shirt pocket

  • medicine bag

  • or wire-wrapped as pendant

You can also hold two crystals in each hand and meditate with them, or hold them during therapy, healing sessions, while journaling, etc., as you engage in your healing process.

I don’t recommend sleeping with them because I do find their energy medicine is more potent when we’re consciously engaging with their energy.


The Crystals

mangano calcite.jpg

Mangano calcite: a gentle heart healer that helps us feel acceptance, let go, release, and slowly begin to heal.


Rhodochrosite: a powerful heart-healing crystals that helps us to work through emotional baggage, wounding, and trauma, in a steady process.

Rose Quartz.jpeg

Rose quartz: the crystal of self-love, this helps us with how we feel about ourselves (including self-forgiveness and self-compassion) as we go through our healing process.


Rhodonite: add this crystal to your combo when you feel you need emotional courage, need to be emotionally present for others (especially if you don’t feel quite ready yet), and to also open you up to the possibility of loving again.

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