Crystals + Water Element: Healing & Nurturing

Crystals + Water Element: Healing & Nurturing /

The realm of water is that of the emotions, the collective unconscious, receptivity, and intuition.

It is abundant and divine flow, and a place where secrets and other worlds lay hidden.

To the ancient Norse, water was a terrifying force that had to be met, appeased, challenged. To the Ancient Atlanteans, a tomb. It brings life but it can also take it away. It is a great cleanser and purifier, washing the world anew and baptizing new life and faith.

Water teaches us that there is an ebb and flow to all cycles in life, and to honor those cycles in our own lives. It is closely linked with our moon, as the moon moves the tides, and symbolically mirrors the mystical nature of water.

In my own life and work, I’ve found water to be a great emotional healer, nurturer, and cleanser, both it in its elemental form but also from the crystals that resonate with its energy. Anyone who’s ever gone to the beach, ocean, or river and found solace knows what I mean: there’s something very, very healing about water.

Water is something that those of us in “developed” countries often take for granted. The next time you wash your hands, bathe, or shower, consider taking a moment to greet the spirit of water, thank it, receive its healing and cleansing Grace.


In Crystal Healing, the Water Element Helps Us With:

  • Enhancing intuition

  • Connecting with or channeling Goddess energy + the Divine Feminine

  • Healing or shifting patterns in the psyche and the subconscious, including shadow-self healing

  • Cooling anger, soothing anxiety and feelings of stress

  • Reducing or eliminating inflammation

  • Increasing feelings of empathy, sensitivity, and compassion for the self and others

  • Calming the mind to support contemplation, inner reflection, and meditation

  • Increasing flow of healing chi to torn, damaged, or inflamed tissue

  • Clearing dark energy from the emotional body, and from the emotional subtle fields in the aura

  • Nurturing and healing heartbreak, grief, feelings loss, shock, and trauma

  • Surrendering to the ebb and flow of life

  • Increasing abundance consciousness and receptivity

  • Cultivating the abilities of clairvoyance and prophecy


7 Crystals That Channel Water Element Energy:

Suggested ways to work with any one of these crystals is to sleep with them under your pillow at night, hold one in your receptive hand during meditation (or times of crisis/high stress), or to wear near to your heart or throat chakra as needed.



An epic goddess energy stone that powerfully connects us to our higher selves and wisdom, greater levels of divine guidance and Grace.

Ajoite helps us to spiritually evolve into better versions of ourselves: more intuitive, caring, empathic, yet still very empowered from a place of authentic light and self-love.

Ajoite powerfully clears darkness and entity attachments from our auras and our energy systems. It helps us to work through “negative” karma, feelings, or aspects of ourselves that cause us shame or self-loathing. It helps bring us more fully into love, light, and embodiment of the whole self.

It creates a powerful psychic bridge to the Akashic records, and parts the veils so we can see what came to pass, as well as what may come in the future. It is excellent for lucid dream work and prophecy.

ajoite /


A water goddess stone that helps us to learn how to flow, surrender to Grace, trust, and honor the process of living and healing.

It supports us in feeling greater levels of compassion, empathy, kindness, and understanding for all life, including ourselves.

It opens the gateway to greater psychic experience and development, particularly of clairvoyance and clairaudience

It is a stone of purity and gentleness, and in some mystic circles is equated with the vibration of Mother Mary.

chrysocolla /


Smithsonite is especially therapeutic if we feel blocked in our emotion or intuition due to inner resistance, fear, or denial.

It’s a highly intuitive stone that helps us to connect more deeply and powerfully with our soul, our soul’s guidance, and true path.

Smithsonite is very Piscean in its nature, and increases our sensitivity to our own feelings as well as those of others. It’s the stone to wear or to hold when you need a good, cathartic cry.

smithsonite /


A crystal once prized by sailors for protection, aquamarine’s powerful resonance with the element and spirit of water led them to believe it would keep them safe while traveling.

In my Pro Crystal Healer course, we work often with aquamarine to help cool and soothe inflamed tissue and emotions.

Aquamarine is a stone of courage because, in time of fear or anxiety, it helps to bring us into a more calm, peaceful inner state where we can choose to be and feel more empowered.

It helps us to connect with divine wisdom, and to see through lies and deception.

aquamarine /


Another water goddess crystal, Larimar is one of mysteries, abundance, hidden realms and truths come to light.

People who feel a strong connection to water, to dolphins and whales, and to the stories of Atlantis are often highly drawn to this crystal and feel soothed by its energy.

Working regularly with larimar will powerfully increase your intuition, while at the same time diminishing chronic stress levels or states of anxiety. Infused with its energy, you’re more likely to flow with the currents of positive synchronicity and good fortune.

Larimar /

Watermelon Tourmaline

I consider this crystal to be one of the most healing and therapeutic for the heart and heart chakra, especially for those who feel closed to life, love, happiness, or sharing.

The heart is truly powerful, and watermelon tourmaline helps us to access and embody that power.

This is a crystal that helps us heal and live through love, both on a physical and emotional level.

Watermelon tourmaline /


Amazonite is a crystal of truth. It supports us in hearing our own truth, authentic selves, and honoring our feelings in a way that is healthy and empowering.

It’s excellent for people who have trouble saying NO, who feel they give too much and don’t receive enough (or don’t feel deserving to receive, which in the psyche usually turns out to be the same thing).

Our emotions are power, and when directed with wisdom, can be channeled effectively in manifestation, intention, magical, and artistic work.

Amazonite gives us the courage to wade through our depths, to see and feel what needs to be seen and felt at this time.

It is soothing and restorative for inflamed throats and sinuses.

amazonite /

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