Grounding Crystals: Which One to Choose?

Not all grounding crystals are alike, which one is best for you?

I recommend that every person who wears crystals on a daily basis, always wear at least one grounding crystal.

To be grounded means that you’re centered and present in your body, and your awareness of what’s going on inside and around you.

Grounding is essential to your overall health, wellbeing, and management of daily life.

When you’re grounding you’re:

  • In your power

  • Far less vulnerable to psychic attack and lower, harmful energy

  • Better at managing day to day life and reality (including being on time, paying bills, making ends meet, taking care of your needs, etc.)

  • Less likely to be spaced out and disconnected from your reality

  • Able to maintain healthier boundaries with yourself and others

That being said, not all grounding crystals are the same! Each crystal has its own unique energy properties and frequency. And crystals are multidimensional, so they help us heal on many levels simultaneously.

So in choosing your grounding crystal, you can get more bang for you buck by choosing a crystal that has additional energy properties that can be of service to you!

Here are 7 Grounding Crystals that I recommend with added benefits:


Smoky Quartz

  • Clears stress + negative energy from the system

  • Helps you feel more centered

smoky quartz /


  • Good for overall wellness, vitality, and health

  • Helps to balance and stabilize your emotional energy

bloodstone /


  • Good for wealth, health, prosperity, and vitality

  • Leadership, passion, and empowerment

ruby /


  • Fortifying, good for boundaries and confrontation

  • Helps you to break bad habits

  • Accelerates healing

Hematite /

Mookaite Jasper

  • Earth goddess energy

  • Adaptogenic: helps you to adapt to changes particularly in pattern and rhythm, including time changes, jet lag, sleep patterns, etc.

mookaite /

Shiva Lingam

  • Boosts vitality

  • Increases your ability to hear and follow your intuition

shiva lingam /

Red Jasper

  • Courage

  • Endurance (physical + emotional)

  • Steady energy throughout the day

Red jasper /

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Krista N. Mitchell