Crystals + Elements in Energy Healing: EARTH

Crystals + Elements in Energy Healing: EARTH

Hi all!

This summer I’ve planned a special series of articles focusing on the elemental energies of crystals (earth, air, fire, water, wood, metal, storm, light) and how those energies can be applied or used to support practical, every day health + healing.

The idea came to me when I was thinking about how we use the elemental energy of some crystals in my Pro Crystal Healer program to help effect healing, like celestite or aquamarine (water), to help reduce inflammation (heat) in the system. Or the elemental energy of fire in crystals (like citrine or fire agate) to help improve digestion, and increase the healing flow of chi in a blocked or ailing part of the system.

I’m always in an energy conversation when it comes to crystals and healing, so I thought it might be interesting to delve a little more deeply into the elemental nature of crystal energy, and how we can work with that elemental energy through crystals to help support us in our wellness + healing process.

I’ll be posting different crystals + elements articles this summer, so you can check back to my blog regularly, or sign up for my newsletter to have them sent directly to your inbox! I’ll also be including .pdf downloads that you can store on your computer or devices for easy reference.


How I came up with the crystal listings:

I first tuned in with the energy of the element, how it could be applied in healing, then the realm of crystal consciousness, and then I held individual crystals for confirmation.

You’ll notice right away that these articles do not represent an exhaustive listing of each crystal and its element, because that is not the purpose. The purpose is to introduce the concept of crystals + elemental energy healing for those of you who may be new to the idea, as well as to present some crystals that are familiar or accessible to most crystal folk.

The hope is that, if it resonates for you, you will add some of these teachings to your own daily personal healing + wellness practices.


The earth element represents the foundation of ourselves, our lives, our health, and our world. Without a strong foundation, nothing can last or thrive, so the earth element is essential in our overall wellness + healing process.

It represents our ability to remain grounded, our bodies to sustain and heal themselves, foundations that include the physical (home, business, shelter, land, family, culture) as well as the mental/emotional/spiritual (centeredness, stamina, endurance, determination, planting (symbolic) seeds), setting goals or intentions, simple abundance, beginnings + endings (the life and death cycle), Earth consciousness.

In the Hindu chakra system, it corresponds with the root, and the physical parts and needs of ourselves that include overall health + wellness, bones, musculature, skin, teeth, hair, hips knees, legs, feet, survival, basic provision.


Earth Element Crystal Suggestions

Wear any of the following crystals daily to receive earth element energy, or sleep with them at night. You can also make a crystal tonic and take a dropperful 5x daily under the tongue or with a small glass of water.


*also contains fire element energy, good for extra vitality


Practical Healing Applications

Physical: Nutrient + mineral deficiencies, stamina/endurance, overall health, recovery from illness/injury, grounding, business building.

Emotional: Grounding, recovery from shock/panic/trauma, stress, mood swings, overwhelm, fear, maternal/paternal instincts.

Mental: New projects, lack mentality, grounding, recovery from addiction, overwhelm, anxiety, centeredness, determination.

Spiritual: Burnout, new beginnings, endings (in terms of surrender, not transitioning), abundance issues, grounding, psychic defense, intentions + manifestation