Crystals + Air Element: Inspiration + Divine Communication

Crystals + Air Element: Inspiration & Divine Communication

On a windy day, I like to open my arms wide and invite the spirits of the wind to clear my energy. Carry away any stagnant or harmful debris sitting on my aura or in my energy field, the stress and cobwebs from my mind, any dark or heavy feelings.

It feels liberating and invigorating! I then ask the air to infuse me with fresh ideas, free up my thinking, free me of preconceived limitations.

That’s the power of the air: It helps us to become unblocked, get moving again, feel inspired and think and communicate in new ways.

In the story of Ramtha, as he transitions from human flesh to Spirit, he becomes the wind and is transformed into air.

Air is liberating, invigorating, refreshing, and a powerful ally in our BECOMING.


In Crystal Healing the Air Element Helps Us With:

  • Receiving Divine guidance

  • Forming ideas, thoughts, concepts, perspectives

  • Clearing energy

  • Communicating with the Divine, including prayer, mediumship, and psychic ability

  • Communicating + expressing thoughts and ideas with others

  • Listening

  • Forming + setting intentions

  • Freeing ourselves of things or thought patterns that no longer serve us

  • Travel

  • Movement (both physically and also in the form of healing chi flowing through the body)

  • Breathing + respiratory + cardiovascular wellness


7 Crystals that help us channel Air element energy and work with Air Spirit Medicine:

The best way to work with any of the following crystals is to hold one in your receptive hand while meditating or channeling, wear it as needed, or place it on the 3rd eye chakra in crystal healing sessions.

Blue Kyanite

Helps us to articulate thoughts, ideas, express ourselves in a way that we can be easily understood, maintain conversations where there is a balance between speaking and listening.

Blue kyanite helps with memory, psychic ability, and mediumship.

It helps us to calm and center the mind, and function from a more rational yet still intuitive place.

It repels dark energy.

Helps to accelerate healing and recovery from throat and respiratory illnesses.

blue kyanite /


Sodalite helps us to learn, remember, and cultivate awareness. It can help to balance an excessive 3rd eye chakra (when there’s been too much thinking, which causes lack of focus and a stuck feeling).

Sodalite helps us to see where and why we’re stuck, and receive ideas or inspiration in how to move forward. Very healing for the psyche and also in shadow self work.

sodalite /

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis helps us to receive the divine guidance or psychic signals we need in order to move forward on our paths and evolve as beings.

It opens up the mind to greater awareness, both inner and outer, as well as through space/time and the veils of reality.

It amplifies the psychic ability of clairaudience, which helps us to hear and speak with Spirit, and claircognizance, which helps us to know information beyond our experience and receive the thoughts of others.

It improves imagination, creative thinking, and helps us to shift perspective and think “outside the box”.

lapis /

Blue Sapphire

Helps to organize, streamline, and optimize mental energy, thoughts, and cognitive functions.

Enables us to see the big picture as well as the moving parts, especially when it comes to foresight or troubleshooting.

Helps to improve short and long-term memory.

rough blue sapphire /


Empowers the mind and our thinking/reasoning ability by balancing the energy between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Helps to improve all mental and cognitive health and function.

Repels dark energy.

Clears the mind and increases our ability to focus, learn, remember, have insight and foresight.

Expands the 3rd eye chakra, strengthening psychic abilities, experiences of psychic phenomena, and spiritual cognition.

fluorite /


Provides energy that improves all 3rd eye and mental function, ranging from psychic and spiritual abilities, to clarity, thought, focus, and cognitive functions.

Activates, strengthens, and directs healing flow of chi in the body.

Powerfully amplifies and empowers intention setting and manifestation work.

Has been used as a mystical sender and receiver of communication and guidance from the Divine since ancient times.

*Quartz is a crystal that can represent and channel all elements.

clear quartz /


Celestite helps us form a powerful channel of communication between ourselves and the realm of the Divine, including but not limited to angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters.

It helps to accelerate healing by increasing the flow of chi and lymphatic fluids in the body.

In channeling, one can work with celestite to receive guidance or information that can help them on their life path and in pursuing their life purpose, as well as growing and evolving on their spiritual path.

**Celestite also powerfully channels the energy of the water element.

celestite /

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