Crystals + Fire Element Magic: Purification & Transformation

Crystals + Fire Element Magic: Purification & Transformation /

The fire element represents pure, raw power.

There is nothing placid or calm about fire: It is creation and destruction, an energy that operates in extremes.

Anger and action. Passion and lust. The divine spark. The sun. A spiritual purifier and clearer of obstacles. That which transforms all things into something else.

Heat produced by fire has been the key component in alchemy since ancient times. In myth it was stolen by Prometheus from the Gods, and shared with humanity, bringing them out of the darkness of ignorance and suffering. It brings light into the dark, the terrors of the night, and banishes our fear.

As a fire dragon sign in the Chinese zodiac, and a Leo sun with an Aries moon, I know fire well. I sometimes joke that it’s only my Libra ascendant that keeps me from burning the world down (in my time I have had to work on that Highlander temper, lol)!

In my work and purpose, I see myself as a light that’s shining against the darkness. And I will hold.

A colleague once showed me, too, how to sever cords and attachments from the aura with a flame of a candle. And another one taught me how to clear the energy of a space with flame and burning salts (NOT for the faint of heart!).


In Crystal Healing the Fire Element Helps Us With:

  • Severing unwanted psychic cords and spiritual attachments

  • Clearing the aura (esp. the spiritual or astral layer of the auric field)

  • Increasing the flow of healing chi through parts of the body that are blocked, ailing, or experiencing stagnation or congestion

  • Improving overall digestive and eliminative function

  • Firing up a person’s feelings of passion, will, determination, stamina, and sense of purpose

  • Counteracting feelings of hopelessness, depression, or apathy

  • Clearing through creative or intimacy blocks, and increasing flow of creative energy and inspiration

  • Helping people reconnect with their emotions, and to channel their emotional energy

  • Reinforcing for people who are working through empowerment issues and reclaiming their personal power


7 Crystals that Channel Fire Element Energy:

The best ways to work with any of these crystals is to wear them on a daily basis or as needed, hold them in your dominant + receptive hand while meditating, or placing them over the sacral or solar plexus chakra in crystal healing sessions.



Called the “star-born stone of transformation” by Robert Simmons, moldavite embodies the transformative powers of the fire element.

It’s so powerful in clearing blockages and obstacles (both in the energy body as well as on our life paths) that it can often work too quickly and become overwhelming. I always caution my Pro Crystal Healer students to ask their clients first before placing moldavite on a chakra for this reason — not everyone’s ready for rapid change.

Moldavite jettisons you forward on your life path towards your purpose, helping to activate hidden talents, unearth unexplored gifts, and awakening psychic and spiritual potential.

*Moldavite is also a powerful storm element crystal.

moldavite /


Both natural citrine and heat-treated amethyst (or what I call “market citrine”) channel powerful fire element energy.

Full of positivity, creative vibes, and warmth, citrine helps to improve sluggish digestion, increase flow of creative and passionate energy, uplift the spirits, and boost overall vitality and wellness.

**Natural citrine also qualifies as an earth element and light element crystal.

citrine  /


Fiery, sexy and passionate, I’ve always likened carnelian’s energy to that of the Hawaiian volcano goddess, Pele.

If you’re experiencing writer’s block or a lack of inspiration, or if the libido’s a wee bit low, carnelian is your best friend. Its energy is empowering, invigorating, stimulating, and bold.

If you’re working through anger issues, its energy can be tempered while still beneficial when paired with amethyst.

Carnelian is highly restorative and balancing for the sacral chakra, our storehouse of creative and emotional energy.

carnelian /


As its name implies, sunstone emits energy that we would symbolically compare to that of the sun.

Warmth, strength, vitality, positivity. It’s empowering for those experiencing boundary issues. It’s restorative for the digestive and adrenal systems. It raises your frequency which helps to repel lower, harmful energy, and is an all-round feel-good stone.

sunstone /


Labradorite is a crystal of alchemy, transformation, and change that brings us more into alignment with our soul and life purpose.

It helps bring light into the darkness, helping us to see within ourselves (and other realms) that we may retrieve or reclaim more knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and power.

Labradorite is a highly protective stone, especially for the heart chakra, that helps to shield the outer (spiritual) layer of our auras and repels dark energy (especially sorcery).

labradorite  /

Spessartine Garnet

Spessartine garnets emits fiery, passionate energy that is particularly good for creativity, sensuality, empowerment, sexual and emotional healing.

It helps us to honor our physical needs and experiences, as well as our feelings, and is very energizing for the sacral chakra.

spessartine garnet /

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a gentle, gradual, yet powerful clearer of blocked energy in the system. For anyone who is experiencing significant creative, sexual, or emotional blockage (especially due to past trauma), it is a highly therapeutic crystal.

It helps to balance and maintain overall healthy digestive function, and is highly restorative for people who feel burned out, or who feel they’ve been pushing themselves too hard and have tapped their creative juices too much.

orange calcite /

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