How To Work With Ajoite

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Ajoite is one of my top fave crystals that I work with regularly because it's so powerful, and yet so gentle. It's a crystal I highly recommend for healers.

Wear ajoite daily:

  • while doing energy healings to help channel pure, clear, high healing energy, to be more in tune with Source and divine guidance, and to exude a calm, loving, warm presence
  • to help attune you to your higher self and divine wisdom
  • to heighten your intuition and increase your psychic abilities
  • to tap into the power of your soul

Note: if you are an empath or a sensitive person, wearing ajoite will likely heighten your sensitivity to energy, so pair it with black tourmaline for added shielding.

Meditate with ajoite:

  • to put you more in touch with the goddess, divine feminine, or to connect with more or your own priestess energy
  • to align yourself with your true purpose, and for transformation that is subtle and gentle (as opposed to the dramatic shifts that can be caused by moldavite)
  • to tap into the power, guidance, and wisdom of your divine soul

Sleep with ajoite:

  • to clear heavy energy or energy debris from your system and aura
  • for added protection from dark spirits

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