Aquarius Full Moon Crystal Visioning Session

Aquarius Full Moon Crystal Vision Session by Krista N. Mitchell /

Hello dear one!

You will need to hold a quartz crystal for this vision session, though it is not required. Any size, shape, or form will do. Trust what you feel intuitively guided to hold.

Get settled and comfortable, close your eyes, hold your crystal.

And we begin…

What is your boldest dream?

Not fantasy, but dream, desire, soul-based or heart-centered wish?

It doesn’t have to be grandiose, but it could be something you keep thinking about, picturing, or wishing, but then dismiss as impossible.

The frequencies coming from this full moon keep telling me it IS possible!

So often we’re conditioned to train our thoughts on he reasons why not.

This moon is encouraging you to change from “Why not’s” to “What If?”

What if you could do it? What if it was achievable? What if all it took was the first step, and then you’d find your way towards it?

What if you had the courage, vision, guidance to pursue your dream?

Aquarius has all these lofty thoughts, ideals and visions, but it often takes the courage and strength of Leo to make them happen.

When the mind and heart work together, when YOUR mind and heart work together, they’re nigh on unstoppable!

Tonight, you get the blessings of both.

We are a Universe of beautiful dreamers, many of whom have forgotten to the live the dream.

Our essence is beauty, magic, stardust.

In you is everything you need to succeed.

You just have to honor your dream.

Breathe down into you soul, and let your dream come to you.

See it, feel it, breathe life into it.

What IF it could be real?

What would that be like?

What would it feel like, look like, sound like?

If it had a smell, what would it be?

Fully indulge in the sense of it, the reality of it.

If it looks real, feels real, then could it be real?

What if it was real, already?

What would your life be like?

What would you be like?

Breathe that into every cell of your being, the feel of what your life and your self would be like if your dream became actualized, became a real part of your life.

Embody it like wearing the most beautiful clothing, or eating the most sumptuous meal.

Sit with it, let it fill you up.

Now hear this: Your dream IS real!

It is actuality waiting to happen!

You are being asked, now, to take the first step towards it.

Let the first step float up to you now, see what that first step is, and how to go about it.

Allow your soul to whisper to you any guidance, truth, or information you need now to help you.

Feel the magic of stardust in you.

Feel that stardust gather and surround you and your dream, filling you dream with magic.

Take a deep breath, hold it, and on the exhalation, blow that magic, that stardust, that dream, into your quartz crystal, filling it with all of that energy.

Your quartz is now your stardust crystal, your dream crystal.

Carry it with you when you take your first step, and any step thereafter towards your dream.

Meditate with it when you need guidance, and clear it only when you’ve achieved your dream.

And you’re already achieving it!

Let the wisdom and vision of this Aquarius full moon beam down, and fill your mind with its silvery light and guidance.

And may the heat of the Leo sun fire up your heart with love, strength, and courage.

Blessings be, dear one.