How to Work with Chrysocolla

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Chrysocolla is a gentle, soothing, sweet-natured goddess stone.

Wear it when you want to speak with more compassion, soften a sharp tongue, or to be more considerate towards other people's needs and feelings

Sleep with chrysocolla, either by placing it under your pillow, or holding it to your heart to help you heal from loss or grief

Meditate while holding chrysocolla in your receptive hand to:

  • have greater access to your subconscious and the workings of your psyche
  • retrieve past life memories
  • connect with the history of Atlantis and the collective consciousness of its people
  • channel healing dolphin energy, medicine, and/or guidance

Working regularly with chrysocolla (either by wearing it, in crystal therapy, or in meditation) can help you to develop your clairaudience ability (the psychic ability to hear spirit), to heighten prophetic abilities, and to come more fully into your own power.

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