The Positive Spin on Mercury Retrograde

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In the past I have typically approached Mercury Retrograde in two ways: first, denial; then second, the feeling that I essentially have to put my life on hold until it goes direct again.

Now you all know that I’m not an astrologer (I missed that class at Hogwarts), but as a mystic and metaphysician I feel, understand, and know that we are all intrinsically connected to the patterns, webs, and vibrations of the Universe.

I used to wonder if I’d be so affected by this phase if I didn’t know anything about it, but the truth is that while we may filter things out or be unaware, we are impacted by everything that goes on around us, nonetheless.

Happily, this doesn’t mean that we have to be trapped in 25+ days of dysfunction! So many of us have become accustomed to identifying this as a phase when everything gets “fuh-cocked” (as a friend of mine once put it), rather than identifying and delighting in all the positive aspects it can bring.

Yes, you read that correctly: If we approach it from a different perspective, we can delight in Mercury Retrograde.

Case in point: Though my book launches on an auspicious date (thank you, Universe!), the critic in me has been having a field day over the fact that my whole pre-launch/promotional junket will be taking place during an 'inauspicious' astrological phase.

As a result, I initially reacted by rushing to get things in motion, get things started, make agreements, make big changes, and make connections, all before the dreaded start date of Mercury Retrograde.

And yet, when I tuned in underneath the fear/ego panic, there was a feeling, a knowingness, that everything was going to be fine, great even (!), during Mercury Retrograde. I was being guided to appreciate the positive side of Mercury Retrograde.

So I went online, danced past all the cautions and fear-mongering, and looked for the positive aspects of this phase. 

Here's a list of positive and empowered things you can do during Mercury Retrograde to benefit the most fully from the energy of this phase:

  • Work on developing your intuition and psychic abilities (amethyst, lapis lazuli, and Herkimer diamond are great crystals for intuition!)
  • Indulge in some energy healing work, especially shadow self healing work or work that deals with the subconscious
  • Find old friends to reconnect and reminisce
  • Look at old, negative habits and patterns, and figure out ways to shift them for good
  • Writing in general: journals, thoughts, memoirs, old stories you’ve been meaning to develop or set down on paper
  • Recommit to a goal, project, or intention 
  • Clear things off your to-do list that have been languishing for a while
  • Dream work and past life memory recall (Herkimer diamond, elestial quartz, and sugilite are all great crystals for this!)
  • Take more time for your daily spiritual practice (meditation, energy clearing, prayer, mantra, etc.) and allow yourself to deepen into the work
  • Accept what’s not working in your life, and consider the real reasons why
  • Spring clean, catch up on filing, indulge in the "Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo (I loved that book!)
  • Do a thorough energy clearing in your home, car, work or healing space
  • Revisit fun childhood crafts, like making a fairy house out of glue and popsicle sticks. Joy gives everything a positive spin!
  • Practicing mindfulness (breathe, come back to presence, breathe, come back to presence, repeat, repeat…)
  • Reconnecting with dreams, visions, and aspirations you once had for yourself and your life. Where are you now? How do they line up? Do they need to be tweaked? Do you need to recommit?
  • Slowing down and appreciating more of your life, as it is around you, right now. Giving yourself that added bit of time so that you don’t have to rush or stress
  • Taking the opportunity to do your due diligence and really research potential new projects, agreements, ventures, ideas, etc., that are not auspicious to start just yet

Just as there are auspicious times for action, abundance, and expansion, there are those that serve to enrich, deepen, and elevate our life experience. The energy of Mercury Retrograde lends itself beautifully to the latter. Rather than being an astrological pest, it is in fact a golden opportunity for us to take an evolutionary leap.

So I say let’s greet this phase with gusto, gratitude, and gumption, and make it a wonderful time indeed!

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