Protective + House Blessing Crystal Ritual for the Waning Moon Phase

Protective + House Blessing Crystal Ritual Poster

Weekly I’m asked on Instagram for tips on psychic protection, and lately specifically for a person’s home or for the land upon which their home is built.

Our homes are an extension of ourselves, and it’s easy in our busy lives to forget that the energy of our homes can have a significant effect on our health and wellbeing, impacting every area of our lives from our finances to our relationships.

There are different ways of approaching protecting and blessing your home with crystal energy:

  • You can work with a lot of charged (“programmed”) quartz to create a grid

  • Use a bunch of large crystals that emit specific frequencies

  • Place key crystals on ley lines

  • Use crystal energy to balance areas or sources of geopathic stress

  • Make crystal offerings to the spirits of the land

It’s all magical and powerful work, but it can also get complicated, time consuming, and expensive, and so for a lot of people it becomes impractical.

One of the things I’ve committed to this year is offering you all simple, yet effective ways you can enrich your busy lives with crystal healing, because I know how beneficial it is, but I also know that many of us have a lot to manage.

I was shown this ritual upon waking on the day of the full moon, and I thought it was a perfect solution!

With this ritual we’re working with the power of the waning moon, quartz, five protective stones, and water. I’ve also included some tips on how you make this more powerful (if you have the time).

While the waxing to full moon phase is a time of action, attraction, and manifestation, the waning moon phase is a powerful time to turn our attention more inward, focusing on healing, releasing, banishing, and also cultivating our psychic and spiritual abilities.

The waning moon phase typically lasts 14 days, and as I write this, we will be in that phase until the Pisces new moon on Wednesday March 6th.

So now’s the perfect time!

The Ritual

You will need: a quartz crystal (any size); one piece each of the following protective crystals - black tourmaline, fluorite, black obsidian, labradorite, and blue kyanite (all of these crystals can be small, anywhere from ¾” – 1.5” is fine); a bowl or a spray bottle that can hold up to 1L of liquid; 1 liter of spring water; outdoor access (a garden, rooftop, window ledge, etc.)

Timing: Any night during the waning moon phase, preferably while the moon is in Scorpio or Virgo, or on a Saturday. This can be repeated the first waning moon night after each full moon.

Added tips - This ritual works best if you have:

  • Tidied and uncluttered your home, including taking out the trash

  • Cleared your own energy

  • Have smudged or done a space clearing first

  • Ownership or sovereignty of the home, land, or space, meaning that you are the owner, a renter, or leasee, as opposed to being a guest


  1. Clear the energy of your crystals.

  2. Place the water in the bowl or spray bottle, and then place your five protective crystals in the water.

  3. Hold your quartz in your dominant hand, and visualize all dark energy leaving your home, either being banished, repelled, or transmuted into light, whatever feels best to you.

  4. Now visualize a crystalline bubble or forcefield surrounding your home or space.

  5. Feel your quartz vibrating with this energy. Then say out loud:
    “With this crystal, I hold and shield this space (my home, my land).
    We belong to the light, none else can enter.
    Til the next full moon night, this is so.”

  6. Place the quartz in the bowl with the other crystals, and place the bowl outside for the night. Don’t worry if it’s daylight by the time you retrieve, as the waning moon is often still present in the sky during the day.

  7. Take your bowl and go counterclockwise through your home (or along the perimeter of your land), using your dominant hand to flick the crystal charged water on every door, threshold, window, hearth or other opening, and also corners, cupboards, wherever else you intuitively feel pulled to sprinkle (spritz with your spray bottle).

  8. Finish by pouring a little bit of the water down each drain.

This doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but stay focused on your task at hand to hold the energy of the intention.

You can repeat this ritual on the first waning moon night after each full moon.

Enjoy the magic!