How To Work With Fluorite

How to work with Fluorite /

Fluorite is the bar-none crystal for mind power. It helps you to learn, think, remember, and focus better, cloaks your aura from psychic attack, and connect with higher wisdom. Here’s how to work with it.

Meditate with it:

  • for focus and clarity
  • to come up with new creative ideas
  • for insight on situations
  • for mental balance, sharp memory, learning and intelligence 
  • to keep your mind on track, focused, sharp and clear
  • to clear brain fog and tune in deeper with your Higher wisdom and intelligence 

Wear it daily: 

  • for learning new things, planning and organizing
  • while studying, taking exams, learning and memorizing
  • while learning new languages and skills
  • to cloak your aura, and shield yourself from psychic attack
  • or keep on a desk to dispel electromagnetic energy away from you and stay focused

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