Crystals for Spring Cleaning the Mind

Crystals for Spring Cleaning the Mind /

As the full moon begins to wane, its powers transition from those of attraction, creation, and manifestation, to banishing, healing, and releasing.

From now until 2:10pm ET tomorrow (Friday 3/22) when the moon goes void of course, we can work the harmonizing energies of Libra, and the balancing energies of the vernal equinox, to release and heal what no longer serves.

Typically, this manifests in spring cleaning fever: we start to clear out our homes, our cars, closets, gardens. We reassess our goals and either recommit to, or abandon, new year’s resolutions.

But what about the psyche?

I’ve read countless articles listing stress, anxiety, and overwhelm as three of the top reasons why people now seek out healers or therapists. And statistically, requests for appointments and prescriptions spike in the spring.

Where is your own negative or limited thinking, your critical inner voice, hurting or holding you back? How is it contributing to how you feel on a daily basis?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the cycle of your daily life and thoughts because it’s habitual, familiar, or simply what you’ve settled for.

Question: When was the last time you took a real good look at what’s going on in your head?


  • Stressing you?

  • Causing you anxiety?

  • Making you feel negative?

  • Draining your energy?

  • Overwhelming you?

Libra is an air sign, realm of thought. And you know what’s another quality of Libra? Fairness. Are you being fair to yourself?

I wasn’t. I was giving myself the short end of the stick almost every single time, and I had to finally give my head a shake and reassess. I’m living my dream, I deserve to enjoy it!

Some of my changes were big, like walking away from a publishing deal that wasn’t right for me. And some were small, like turning the notifications setting off on my phone.

If this speaks to you, I’ve designed this simple yet powerful crystal ritual you can do in the next 24 hours to help clear space in your head, relieve some of that stress and anxiety, and help you open up to some positive changes.

The Ritual

Rose quartz

Rose quartz





For this ritual you will need a piece of rose quartz (gentleness, self-love, nurturing), a piece of amethyst (helps shift the mind from a negative to positive perspective, lifts the spirits, reduces stress and anxiety), paper and a pen, and an hour or so that you can give yourself that’s quiet, without company, or distraction. Optional: a piece of sodalite for inner insight and pattern recognition.

First, turn that phone/television/tablet/computer OFF.

Take the first 30 minutes to give yourself a BREAK, while holding or wearing your rose quartz (and sodalite, if you have a piece). Take a bath, go for a leisurely walk, color in a coloring book, doodle, sit by the beach, etc. No reading. No listening to music unless it’s instrumental. Let your mind have some freedom to wander in peace. Let the rose quartz love you up.

No hold your amethyst in your dominant hand. Whisper into it: “Please help me to see, feel, know, or understand, what I can let go that no longer serves me.”

Shift the amethyst to your receptive hand, and start writing out a list of what’s causing you stress, unhappiness, angst, anxiety, guilt, fear, toxicity, or what’s draining your energy.

Let this be stream of consciousness! No need to censor, edit, or judge - it’s just a list.

Now review your list, and circle the top five or ten things that on a gut level you know have to go.

Still holding your amethyst, look for or allow the simplest solution to come to you. For example:

  • Who do you need to distance yourself from? And what’s the easiest way to do that (ie: not answering their texts)?

  • What can you quit, leave, resign from, or cut loose that will lighten your load?

  • What can you reasonably say no to?

  • What’s a total energy drain or time suck? Are there practical ways you can make it quicker, easier, delegate it to somebody else, replace it, or remove the need for it altogether?

  • Who do you need to apologize to (including possibly yourself)?

  • What negative pattern or inner voice do you have to shift?

  • Is there something you keep eating, doing, committing to that you really don’t enjoy? Is there something different that can take its place?

  • Where do you keep making choices from a place of fear, instead of loving empowerment? What would the loving, empowered choice be?

  • Where do you need help? What kind? From whom?

Yes, some of your solutions may take courage, or time, but just by acknowledging them and your truth, and seeing that there’s an alternative, is a major step towards feeling better.

You don’t have to make all your changes at once! Remember that this is an exercise in reducing stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, not creating different versions of them. Pace it out, schedule it in, take baby steps, keep wearing your amethyst. You can do this!

You’re worth it. Let the crystal energy and these full moon vibes support you.

Sweet blessings to you🌟