Crystal Healing for Anxiety + Panic Attacks

Crystals for anxiety and panic attacks /

I remember the first time I experienced a full-blown anxiety attack (aka. panic attack): I was 18 years old, and it was right near the end of my solo in a performance of “Les Miserables”. I had to be carried backstage, and I felt like I was dying. I had trouble breathing, I’d lost a sense of anything or anybody around me. All I can remember clearly was laying on the cool, hard floor backstage and praying for it to be over.

My close, personal, healing relationship with crystals began because of my anxiety. I was going through a challenging time, and based on a healer's suggestion, I began to wear blue lace agate (calming), Botswana agate (grounding), and tiger iron (steadying, empowering), on a daily basis.

Every time I started to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, I’d hold those three crystals, breathe, and let their vibes flow through me. They had an incredible effect: my energy would balance and my emotions would center. I'd be able to carry through the rest of the day feeling more confident and capable than I had before.

After I became a pro crystal healer in NYC, one of the major issues I'd help my clients address was anxiety. There are many different types and triggers when it comes to anxiety, and I cover roughly 15 of them in my book: Money, relationships, careers, major change, travel, mental health, social, lack of a sense of safety, just to name a few.

Here are my top crystal healing recommendations for anxiety and panic attacks, based on my personal and pro crystal healing experience:

Blue Lace Agate /

Blue lace agate: This is an excellent crystal, and one of my personal faves, for cooling, calming, and centering an anxious mind. It’s especially good for people who get overwhelmed or anxious in crowds, during demanding or intense work hours, or who are coping with overwhelm. Hold or wear it as needed.

Lithium quartz /

Lithium quartz: My other personal crystal fave for anxiety, wear this (preferably close to your heart chakra) when anxiety hits. It floods your system with warming, soothing love energy that helps bring anxiety to a minimum very quickly. An excellent choice if you feel a panic attack building.

11. blue calcite /

Blue calcite: especially good for anticipatory anxiety. Wear it in the days or hours leading up to any event or circumstance that's causing you anxiety.

smoky quartz /

Smoky quartz (pictured) & rose quartz (right): hold one in each hand immediately if you start to feel an anxiety or panic attack building. Focus on the crystal energy flowing into your body through your hands, and take deep, steadying breaths. Smoky quartz clears stress and other tense energies from the body.

rose quartz /

Rose quartz: calms the heart, nurtures emotional body and creates a sense of overall wellness.