8 Ways to Spot Signs and Messages from the Universe

signs and messages from the universe / krista-mitchell.com

Yesterday something fell onto the floor three times before I finally realized it was a sign: my smudge bundle kept rolling off the shelf because I needed to clear my aura. The other day I kept knocking over my iodine drops while reaching for something in the cupboard, and then it occurred to me that I had forgotten to take my dose that morning. And a couple of years ago, when I drove my moving van out of an apartment complex where I’d had a miserable experience, I turned on the radio and the song “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift began playing.

These are all examples of signs, messages, and guidance from the Universe.

Our Consciousness is in a constant conversation with the Universe. This is how our reality is formed around us. Our Consciousness also skips ahead a few beats to help prepare us for what’s coming next, which it then communicates to us through our intuition and other senses.

Have you ever had a book fall off a shelf right in front of you? A song that keeps playing over and over everywhere you go? Or you receive a recommendation for the same thing from separate, apparently random sources? These are all just examples of signs and messages that the Universe, through its conversation with our Consciousness, is sending us.

This is also part of why our thoughts are so powerful, because they become topics in that conversation.

We don’t have to ask for signs. Communication is all around us all the time, we just need to pay attention! That’s the hard part: We need to pay attention. It’s a very distracting world we live in now. It’s very easy to tune out Spirit’s guidance when we’re plugged into the noise, and miss the signs.

You don’t need to be hyper-aware, but if you start to train yourself to pay attention to things that stand out, then all sorts of good things can happen. You’re available to the guidance of Spirit and your Consciousness, in flow with the Universe, and thus more capable of improving your life on every level, in both big ways and small.

Beware of asking for specific signs! Your consciousness is also a very great filter, and your ego is a gorgeous little gremlin who loves to mix up the works. When you fix your attention on something, you’re far more likely to notice it: this is as equally true of the zit on your chin or seeing cars that are the same as yours, as it is for wanting signs that he’s the right guy or that you should stay in the job you hate.

Sidestep this by setting an intention to receive Spirit’s guidance and being open to Spirit’s truth, as opposed to being attached to an answer or particular outcome.

Keep your eyes and ears open for these potential signs from the Universe:

  • Patterns and repetition: if you keep noticing the same image, sound, phrase, or object, or if you keep bumping into the same person over and over, it’s likely a sign. Get quiet and ask yourself what it might symbolize or what it might be communicating to you.
  • Things falling or being knocked over: a quite literal means of grabbing your attention! It could be something obvious, like an instrument needing repair before it gets worse, or a piece of furniture that's out of alignment with the energy of the space. But it could also have a deeper, more meaningful message for you, like a book that contains healing information you need, or the photo of a deceased loved one indicating their presence.
  • Receiving the same suggestions or recommendations from different sources: Carolyn Myss once said that the gods speak to us through other people. Sometimes this becomes obvious, like the one hundredth time someone asked me if I was writing a crystal book (lol!). Other times it could be that you keep doing a Google search for one thing, but another keeps popping up in your results. Allow yourself to investigate and see what comes through.
  • Things that stand out for no immediate or apparent reason: a classic example could be something you look at then dismiss, like your water bottle, and then a little later you’re thirsty and wish you’d brought it with you. Or the color red keeps grabbing your attention all day without any obvious significance, and then in your therapy session that evening you realize you need more passion in your life. Asking yourself why you’re noticing these things in the moment can help you connect with the meaning.
  • Coincidence: I think not! There are none. The Universe doesn’t make mistakes. Whenever you experience a coincidence pay attention to it right away. Trust and follow your gut feelings about it.
  • Nature & Animal Totems: finding feathers, flower petals, having animal encounters (like bees that keep buzzing around you, or a fox that keeps crossing your path), admiring a specific species of tree, or being drawn to the same certain crystals all hold meaning.
  • Idle thoughts or momentary images flashing in your mind's eye: they could be your imagination, but are likely your intuition. Have you had a moment when you thought you’d forget your wallet, and then later that’s what you ended up doing? Or, like me, you have the image of something being knocked over and spilled all over the floor, and then the next day that’s exactly what happens.
    They may seem like idle thoughts or images, but then they prove to be meaningful later. Remember that your consciousness skips ahead to prepare you for the future. Train yourself to be mindful of these moments by setting an intention to notice them, and then recording them at the time. Especially if they are cautions about your safety, the foresight these signs provide can be invaluable.
  • Feeling goosebumps or chills for no physical reason: when you get the chills or goosebumps all of a sudden in a room, or in response to something someone has just said, that’s a sign that either there’s a spirit in the room or that something has resonated for you on a deep, soul level. Either way, it’s a definite signal from Spirit to pay attention and discover the meaning . 

Note two key things: mindfulness, and asking yourself what something means. Many people can only manage presence for a few moments and then it’s back to the hullaballoo of their minds. But a few moments of presence may be all you need to notice and make sense of a sign! The more consistently you meditate and practice mindfulness, the more in tune you’ll be with the Universe and the wisdom of your own consciousness.