Sagittarius Full Moon Crystal Ritual: Get Unstuck

Sagittarius Full Moon Crystal Ritual: Get Unstuck /

The Sagittarius full moon on Monday, June 17th at 4:31am presents a chance for us to change, grow, and move forward in a way that is in alignment with our higher purpose and destinies. This is an especially powerful moon for anyone who feels stuck, blocked, or held down right now in their lives.

It’s inevitable on our life paths that we will experience periods where we feel the change we’ve been desiring or working towards manifesting just simply hasn’t happened — yet.

It’s also inevitable that we’ll experience situations in which we feel there’s no way out or way to change, that we’re stuck in a compromise or situation that doesn’t feel right or satisfying.

But there’s almost always a solution or a different way. Sometimes it just needs to be revealed. Sometimes it’s our beliefs about it that first must change.

This full moon offers us an opportunity to change a deeply held belief AND change our situation, because change is what life is made of, my friends, and there’s no way for us to evolve and move forward on our journeys without it.

This full moon holds a particular personal resonance for me, because after years of non-stop hard work, devotion to my healing craft and business, I have decided to take this summer to prioritize my own personal self and needs.

I’m taking the whole month of July off! Not something I believed I could ever possibly do. But I had a realization not too long ago that, given how burned out I was feeling, I had to prioritize self-care for a while. This way I can come back to my work (my passion!) in August feeling juiced up and excited to move forward.

My belief that I couldn’t take time out just for personal development had to shift first, in order for me to see that it was indeed completely possible for me to have a good chunk of the summer off. The world won’t stop if I rest on my laurels for a little wee bit! There’s an ebb and flow to everything — it’s ok for me to rest.

And now I can!

So what do you feel in your life needs to shift, become unstuck, or change for you? Is there something you can’t see your way out of, or around, but would love to have the guidance to make it shift?

Then this month’s crystal ritual is for you!

The full moon brings to light that which is unseen, and its energy can be directed towards both attraction + manifestation, as well as healing + releasing. In this ritual we will be working with all of those properties to help us divine or receive guidance that can help us change a situation or shift a belief (or both!).


The Crystals

You will need a piece of hematite and clear quartz.

Hematite /

Hematite is the breaker of chains. It gives us the determination and fortitude to change habits, patterns of belief or behavior, to free ourselves from being stuck, held down, or held back.

quartz pt  /

Clear quartz is an amplifier and magnifier that can be charged with the energy of any intention. It helps to bring clarity and focus, to send and receive psychic information and guidance, and helps to amplify our own psychic and cognitive gifts.


The Ritual

  1. On the night of the full moon (the full moon happens Monday at 4:31am, so the ideal time to do this ritual is on Sunday night), hold a piece of hematite in your receptive (non-dominant) hand and your clear quartz in your dominant hand.

  2. Gaze unto the moon, and pour your heart out to her. Tell her about your situation, your feelings, why you’d like it to change. The moon is very emotional, so the more you honor your feelings in this work, the more power your ritual will have.

  3. Ask her for a solution that is for your highest good, doing harm unto none, and that will move you forward on your path or purpose.

  4. If you feel very stuck, express your sincere desire to break the energetic chains that are holding you down or back.

  5. When you feel complete in your request, leave the crystals out under the full moonlight. And let it all go.

  6. The next day, wear your hematite all day (you can sit and meditate with it for 15 minutes as an alternative), and then sleep with your quartz under your pillow (or meditate with it for 15 minutes before you go to bed).

  7. On the following days, let the guidance or solution come to you. It may appear through signs and synchronicities, in your dreams, something someone idly mentions, or as a thought or idea that pops into your head.

Full moon blessings to you all, my friends!

Ps. I’ve already written + scheduled my blogs for this summer, so don’t worry, there will be more posts on moons and crystals + elements healing coming your way each week. :)