Activating the Sacred Warrior Within: Crystal Ritual for the Aries Full Moon

Activating the Sacred Warrior Within: Aries Full Moon Crystal Ritual /

This month’s crystal healing ritual is inspired by the energies of the upcoming Aries full moon, but also some guidance I’ve been receiving while channeling from stromatolite (pictured above).

I’ve been privately channeling from stromatolite for a while. Geologically stromatolites are significant because “they provide [geological] records of ancient life on Earth” (wikipedia). What I have found is that they also provide us with records of wisdom from ancient life on Earth.

Just as crystals can be record-keepers, so can fossils, and this fossil in particular connects us with old Earth wisdom and teachings that can be of service to us now.

Each time I channel, I feel as though I am met with an ancient circle of spirit elders: sages, healers, teachers, and guides from human history. I often vision them as sitting in a circle round a fire.

One of the messages that came through was the need to activate and engage with the sacred warrior. And as I sat here and contemplated the energies of the full moon in Aries, I realized it fit!

Aries is the warrior and the defender, and this full moon’s energy is empowering us to face our challenges and fight for what we believe in. To become the sacred warrior.

As human beings we embody all known archetypes, and we can call on or activate any given archetype within us whenever we need.

When facing any kind of challenge in our lives, if we wish to take a loving, empowered, healing approach, we can engage our inner sacred warrior to help embolden us and lead the way.

Could you use a little sacred warrior energy right now?

Or is there a sacred warrior in you who’s ready to take a stand for something in your life, or world?

If so, keep reading…


The Ritual

For this ritual you will need: a Lemurian seed crystal OR a quartz crystal point. If the quartz crystal point has a timelink leaning to the left, or a record keeper marking, that’s a bonus!

Timing: This ritual can be done at any time you need. The Aries full moon goes exact on Sunday, Oct. 13th (2019) at 5:08pm ET, BUT goes void of course at 5:59pm until it enters Taurus the next day. So for full moon power, I recommend that you do this ritual on the night of Saturday the 12th while the moon is still in Aries.

Instructions: Human beings have called on the magic and mystery of the moon since ancient times, drawing down guidance, insight, or power for transformation. In ancient crystal lore, quartz crystal and record-keeper crystals have been used to amplify and channel lunar energy for similar purposes.

In this ritual, we are working with crystal + lunar magic to activate our own inner sacred warrior, and help us successfully face our challenges with grace.

  1. Stand outside under the moon. If the sky is overcast, picture the moon shining bright above you, anyway (b/c it is on the other side of those clouds!).

  2. Get very, very clear on your intention. Picture or emotionally connect with your inner sacred warrior. Hold that image or feeling in your mind/body.

  3. Now raise your arm above your head, with the crystal point facing up towards the moon, with the intention of channeling lunar light down through your crystal and into your inner sacred warrior.

  4. As the light activates your inner warrior, focus on the challenge you wish to meet; the courage, strength and guidance you need from your sacred warrior.

  5. Feel your warrior rise up inside you, filling your body with light and power. Welcome, embrace and embody your warrior.

  6. Lower your arm and hold your crystal to your heart. Thank it, and the moon, for their service.

  7. You can keep your crystal in a sacred place, separate from other crystals (don’t let anybody touch it!). In meditation you can hold the crystal in your receptive hand or up to your 3rd eye chakra whenever you need guidance, inspiration, or support from your sacred warrior as you work through your challenge.

  8. There will come a point when you feel you no longer need the crystal to help you connect with your sacred warrior. At that time, you can clear your crystal with thanks, and return it to your collection.

Blessings to you, dear ones, keep shining your light!