How To Work With Hematite

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It's helpful to think of hematite as an anchor, it’s energy is super grounding. As soon as you hold it, it starts to make your system feel more grounded, centered, and anchored in your body.

Wear it on a daily basis if:

  • You find your head is spinning or you're regularly feeling overwhelmed
  • You’re having trouble keeping on top of stuff
  • Staying focused is a challenge for you
  • Or, if you are having trouble just being present in the moment.

Note: it works best in pockets or in jewelry you can wear at the wrist or ankles, as it resonates with the lower body and lower chakras. This is because it has such a dense, heavy energy.

Hematite helps you to feel more empowered, and helps you to shift into more positive thinking habits, lifestyle choices, and patterns of behavior.

Hold it or it meditate with it to help you:

  • Feel more steadfast in your goals
  • Break bad patterns and habits
  • Increase your strength and your resilience
  • In a situations where you might be walking into a conflict, facing someone in a disagreement or facing a repercussion, or to hold your own in negotiations and mediations
  • When feeling dizzy
  • Having vertigo
  • Experiencing nausea (you can hold to the inside of your wrist if the nausea is really bad)

Work with hematite in crystal therapy if:

  • You are experiencing lower back pain. Place it on your lower back regularly to help relieve the pain.
  • You have an injury, especially bone or joint related: Hematite increases the flow of healing chi, and helps to accelerate the body’s natural healing process. Place it on an area of injury for 20-40 minutes on a regular basis to help heal that injury 

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