How To Work With Labradorite

How to work with Labradorite /

Labradorite is a crystal of ancient mystery, magic, psychic protection, transformation, and psychic ability. Here’s how to work with it.

Wear it daily: 

  • to stay aligned with your soul's guidance
  • for when seeking transformation in life
  • for powerful psychic protection 
  • over your heart chakra to shield yourself from lower level, angry, malevolent energies
  • while doing magical work to tap deeper into your soul's magic and power
  • while doing witchery work, rituals, shamanic journeys, remote visitations, astral travel, etc.

Meditate with it: 

  • to connect with the power of ancient people, magical civilizations, mysteries such as Atlantis, ancient Egypt, the Lumerians, etc.
  • to connect with certain magical frequencies and vibrations that are still in existence in the ethers 
  • to connect more powerfully with your spirit guides 
  • while doing channeling work 

Use it in crystal therapy:

  • place it in a space to help shield the space 
  • wear it in person while giving psychic readings to shield your energy from your client's
  • as a tool for personal empowerment and spiritual growth and transformation 
  • to remember who you are at soul level and find yourself in a state of empowerment and remembrance 
  • to amplify and strengthen intuition and psychic abilities 

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