Post-Election Spiritual Support Tips for Empaths

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Regardless of your political affiliation, if you are an empath or a sensitive you were no doubt affected by the emotional fallout from last week’s election. For some people, including myself, it felt downright incapacitating.

Some of the symptoms you might be experiencing:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Listlessness
  • Overwhelm
  • Anger
  • Agitation
  • Sadness
  • Despair
  • Blocked intuition
  • Uncontrollable crying
  • FEAR
  • Headaches
  • Pain/tension in the heart or solar plexus chakras
  • Digestive issues including nausea, vomiting, and acid reflux
  • Sleeplessness
  • Loss of appetite or emotional overeating

It was giant collective wail of emotion that felt very much like a natural catastrophe or terrorist attack had happened, a huge onslaught of energy that I haven’t felt since Hurricane Sandy or prior to that, 9/11.

And if you voted for a losing party, you no doubt experienced a lot of these feelings as you wondered what kind of world you were waking up to on the morning of Wednesday, November 9th.

This all may sound very dramatic to some, but the experience of it was very real.

In the past I’ve literally had to crawl into bed for days to ride out the emotional storm, but this time every fiber in my body demanded that I act.

When I asked how I could serve, I was told that I had to help guide people back into their power.

Self-care is essential right now, and the purpose of this info is to help you stay grounded, keep your energy clear and strong, and to process the emotional upheaval you have been experiencing so that you can stay in your power.

The guidance that I have received is that what matters most now is that we stay in our power, take care of ourselves, and support each other while ushering in the changes we want to see in the world through community action.

Here are some post-election spiritual self-care tips:

grounding /


The importance of grounding is that it keeps you centered and aware in your body, and therefore keeps you in your personal power. When you are grounded you are better able to take care of yourself and others, respond rather than react, think before taking action, and be open and receptive to your intuition and soul’s guidance.

Ways to ground your energy: Walking, spending time by a tree or in nature, dancing, awareness of your feet, focusing on your breathing, eating meat, legumes, and/or root vegetables

Holding or wearing grounding stones: hematite, bloodstone, ruby, boji stones, plain old rock. General note: any red, grey, black, orange, yellow, or brown stones are typically grounding.

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Clearing Your Aura

The importance of clearing your energy (preferably on a daily basis) is that it diminishes the impact of outside emotional energy (meaning emotional energy or “debris” that is not your own) on your system. Clearing helps to reduce, even nullify, the experience of the symptoms listed at the start of this article.

To clear your aura, it is best to use water as we’re dealing with emotional energy, and the element of emotional energy is water. Water is highly conductive so use plenty of salt, and be sure to dunk your whole body underwater several times, including your hands, feet and head. If you don’t have a bath, then shower with a salt scrub. You can also smudge with sacred smoke or use a selenite stick in a pinch (watch the video), however you may notice that it’s not as thorough. Other alternatives include using my Crown Chakra Clearing No-Poo and also my Kick-A** Aura Spray recipes.

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Energy Shielding

The importance of energy shielding is that once you’ve grounded and cleared your energy, it helps keep your energy that way. You’re far less likely to be hit with energy debris or be knocked out of your power when your aura has been shielded. Eat fresh, vital foods, drink plenty of water with electrolytes (non-sweetened varieties), have some kind of spiritual practice or moment of peace on a daily basis.

You can get my 4-hour Psychic Shield video course to learn more shielding tips.

Crystals that shield the aura: My best recommendations for emotional energy shielding are jet, black tourmaline or labradorite, but you can also check out my blog post on protective crystals for more suggestions.

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Chakra Crystal Healing

Solar plexus chakra: This is where we first get hit with energy. The solar plexus chakra (in the upper part of the belly) is the center of our clairsentience, our ability to sense the energy of the world around us. Place malachite, jet, or honey calcite on this chakra for 30 minutes.

3rd eye chakra: The 3rd eye chakra is linked to the solar plexus through the mental body (the subtle layer of our aura that contains our mental energy). If you’re solar plexus is blocked, that energy will then begin to block your 3rd eye, and you’ll notice diminished cognitive, intuitive, and psychic abilities as a result. Place amethyst, optical calcite, or azurite on your 3rd eye chakra for 20-30 minutes.

Crown chakra: Last our crown chakras, the energy center at the top of our head that connects us to our own wisdom as well as that of the Divine, will begin to be affected. Place selenite, tourmaline quartz, or clear calcite at the top of your head for 15-30 minutes.

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Tune in

When you’re experiencing a powerful emotion, first tune in with yourself to check if it is yours, or if you are taking on someone else’s. If it’s someone else’s, use your exhalation and imagine that you are breathing that energy out of your body, or imagine that it is draining out from the bottoms of your feet and into the earth.

Watch my free Post-Election Spiritual Support webinar on YouTube!