How To Work With Black Tourmaline

How to work with Black Tourmaline /

Black tourmaline is a high frequency crystal that helps to neutralize and clear negative energy, and protect you from harmful vibes. Here’s how to work with it in crystal therapy, your home, and in your everyday life.

Wear it daily:

  • to create a protective shield around your aura
  • to lift your energy up quickly
  • while doing channelling work 
  • to shield yourself against negative energy, especially if you are a highly sensitive empath or get hit with a lot of negative energy 

In crystal healing:

  • to neutralize extremes
  • use black tourmaline in your dominant hand and selenite in your receptive hand to pull out lower stagnant, stressful energy out of your system and purify and clear your energy, respectively
  • place it over areas of pain directly to clear blocked energy and neutralize pain as black tourmaline helps naturally accelerate the bodies healing process

Use it in your space:

  • to help balance geopathic stress from outside factors such as noise pollution, or for any other external stress, place a bowl of black tourmaline in your home or office near that area

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black tourmaline /
Black tourmaline /