A Crystal Healer's Top 10 Must-Have Crystals

crystal healer's top 10 crystals / krista-mitchell.com

I'm often asked which are the top 6, 8, or 10 crystals someone should have in their collection. While there are definitely a lot of good, all-round, general purpose crystals, this can still be a challenging question because it really depends on what someone needs.

When you work with a crystal, you’re working with its specific energy frequencies in order to affect your own. What works well for one person, therefore, may not work well for you and vice versa. It all depends on what’s happening with your energy (mood, health, mental state, and so on) and your intention. So general suggestions are easy enough to make, but not necessarily helpful to someone.

Rather than list off some general crystals and their metaphysical properties, I decided to list the crystals I use most on a daily basis, why, and how to work with them.

selenite stick light / krista-mitchell.com

1. Selenite

Physical benefits: reduces headaches, pain, tension and stiffness, coughs, congestion, swelling and inflammation. Place on the affected area.

Mental/emotional benefits: calming, reduces nervousness and agitation, lifts/shifts perspective, mellows you out quickly if you’re feeling very stressed or anxious. Hold in your receptive (non-dominant hand) until it takes effect.

Spiritual benefits: connection to higher realms of spirit guidance, purification of energy, opening of the crown chakra, clears all energy blocks, severs psychic cords, clears the aura, increases claircognizance (the psychic ability of receiving information from Spirit) and telepathy. Meditate while holding a piece in both hands. 

rose quartz / krista-mitchell.com

2. Rose Quartz

Physical benefits: reduces shoulder, neck, and jaw tension. Place on the affected area.

Mental/emotional benefits: love energy in a crystal, soothing, nurturing, self-love, self-worth, heals the heart from heartbreak and loss, attracts friendship and romantic love, supports you in shifting away from negative thinking and self-abuse, opens the heart to receive more love, sparks your childlike imagination. Wear or carry it on your body, especially over the heart chakra.

Spiritual benefits: activates the divine heart chakra in the womb when conceiving, increases feelings of compassion for all life, connection to the Great Mother archetype. Wear, sleep, or meditate with it.

celestite / krista-mitchell.com

3. Celestite

Physical benefits: reduces headaches, sinus tension, inflammation in the digestive and reproductive systems, accelerates the healing of ulcers, wounds and tissue. Place on or near affected area for 5 - 45 minutes.

Mental/emotional benefits: quiets the mind during meditation, instills a greater sense of patience and compassion, diminishes the effects of anxiety attacks. Hold in your receptive hand for as long as necessary.

Spiritual benefits: opens you up to your spiritual self, guides in you in the direction of your life purpose, vibrates on a similar frequency to archangel Michael, protection from dark spirits, opens the crown chakra to receive divine wisdom and guidance, facilitates astral travel and out of body experiences. Hold it in meditation or sleep with it beside your bed.

ruby / krista-mitchell.com

4. Ruby

Physical benefits: energizing, healing for the reproductive and sexual organs, accelerates the body’s natural healing process, increases stamina and endurance. Place near the root chakra for 30 minutes regularly.

Mental/emotional benefits: leadership, personal power, prioritization of the self’s needs while honoring the collective’s, passion, sensuality, courage, fortitude, resilience, confidence, willingness to take action, pleasure, luxury, improves prosperity consciousness. Carry it with you or make a crystal tonic from its energy.

Spiritual benefits: attracts wealth, connection to earth and fire goddess energy, supports you in the pursuit of your goals based on your dreams and life purpose. Meditate with it or wear it on a daily basis.

shiva lingam / krista-mitchell.com

5. Shiva Lingam

Physical benefits: rapidly boosts your level of energy and vitality, endurance and stamina, helps with fertility and virility as well as arousal issues. Hold, carry it, or place it near the root or sacral chakras for 20-40 minutes regularly.

Mental/emotional benefits: strength of purpose and conviction, overcomes fear from bullying and intimidation, stabilizes emotional energy, focuses the thought process. Hold or wear when needed.

Spiritual benefits: balances yin and yang, boosts your intuition and makes it easier to hear/trust/follow your intuitive guidance. Wear it daily or make a crystal tonic from its energy.

smoky quartz / krista-mitchell.com

6. Smoky Quartz

Physical benefits: eases tension and muscle clenching in the body. Hold in your receptive hand or place it on the affected area.

Mental/emotional benefits: grounding, clears/neutralizes excess stress and emotions in the system, clears the mind, steadies the nerves. Wear daily.

Spiritual benefits: clears psychic debris and spirit attachments from the aura, helps one to resolve karma. Place on the body or in the aura for 60 minutes.

citrine / krista-mitchell.com

7. Citrine

Physical benefits: improves digestive issues and function, boosts energy, helps you to wake up and become alert more quickly. Place on the solar plexus chakra for 30 minutes daily for digestive issues, or hold/wear as needed.

Mental/emotional benefits: optimism, improves positive outlook, boosts creativity and inspired thinking, helps you feel happier, more alive and passionate, increases feelings of good will and solidarity. Wear daily as needed or place in your workplace.

Spiritual benefits: attracts wealth and prosperity, grounding, opens the crown chakra to receive divine inspiration, enhances psychic sight. Meditate while holding it in your receptive hand, while placing it on your third eye, or on your solar plexus chakras.

Black tourmaline / krista-mitchell.com

8. Black Tourmaline

Physical benefits: accelerates the body’s natural healing process, neutralizes tension, reduces pain. Place on the affected area for 1 hour at the time of injury.

Mental/emotional benefits: helps steer you away from negative lines of thinking, reduces feelings of fear and anxiety. Hold in your receptive hand as needed.

Spiritual benefits: protection against and purification of lower, harmful energy in the system, creates a repelling force-field around the aura. Wear as needed or sleep with it under your pillow at night.

hematite / krista-mitchell.com

9. Hematite

Physical benefits: accelerates the healing of injuries and wounds, boosts energy, reduces feelings of nausea, improves physical balance. Place on affected area or hold when needed in your receptive hand.

Mental/emotional benefits: grounding, maintaining healthy boundaries, healing of addictions, shifting bad habits, changing patterns of negative thought or behavior, holding your ground in confrontation, stabilizes emotional energy, focus, helps you to remain present and aware. Hold or wear as needed, or make a crystal tonic of its energy.

Spiritual benefits: supports you in the healing/releasing/severing of past life trauma, cords, vows, and unhealthy attachments. Hold it in your receptive hand as you do this work in a therapeutic setting.

fluorite sphere / krista-mitchell.com

10. Fluorite

Physical benefits: clears food or alcohol induced “brain fog”, helps to flush toxins from the kidneys. Hold in receptive hand, and be sure to drink extra water when working with it for the purpose of flushing the kidneys.

Mental/emotional benefits: clarifies and streamlines thought processes, increases ability to learn, reason, remember, and articulate thoughts, balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, beneficial for ADHD and anxiety. Wear daily as needed.

Spiritual benefits: expands and strengthens the third eye chakra, improves psychic sight, facilitates past life recall, cloaks the auric field to hide it from harm. Hold it in your receptive hand when meditating or doing past life work, place it on your third eye chakra for 20 minutes, or wear for aura cloaking (be sure to clear your aura first).

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