Lunar Eclipse Ceremony

lunar eclipse ceremony.jpg

They say that if when swimming, you get pulled into a riptide, the safest course of action is to swim along with the current rather than fight against it.

While the moon rules the tides, it also rules our emotions, and when we're going into a full moon lunar eclipse, the effects on our emotional body, psyche, and collective unconscious can be deeply felt.

In the past, these cosmic phases have always knocked me off balance. It's been about managing the effects as best I can, as opposed to engaging with them. This time I made a different choice: I decided to fully engage in the process, embody the energy, ride the riptide, and see what happens.

I had the most mystical day on Monday, August 7th! Typically a writing day, I took the day out to do ceremony and ritual instead, and I feel like a new woman today: lighter, more joyful, and full of magic!

I took the opportunity during the eclipse to let go of what some things that were holding me back, and then journeyed to meet the moon goddess on a sacred hill of stones, asking for guidance and visions.

Want some of that?

While the moment of the eclipse has now passed, this work is timeless: it's working with our selves on a soul level for healing, creating space for the new and wonderful to come in, and then connecting with Universal consciousness for guidance and revelations.

Here's the ceremony below:

You will need: a large incense burner, fireproof dish or cauldron with a lit charcoal; an extra charcoal disk; loose ceremonial sage; feather wand; lavender buds; mugwort; rattle or drum; 1 piece black moonstone or obsidian; 1 piece moonstone; 1 piece covellite (optional); parchment paper; pen; matches or a lighter; journal or notebook.

Timing: during a lunar eclipse or the waning moon phase, preferably on a Monday.


  1. Gather all of your materials in front of you, preferably in a private natural setting.
  2. Light your charcoal and place it in your cauldron. Scatter some sage over the charcoal and then use the feather wand to waft it's sacred smoke over you, clearing your energy.
  3. Breathe deeply down into your soul center, and connect with your power. Ask yourself honestly what you're ready to let go that's been holding you back. It could be a behavior, thought, choice, circumstance, thing, relationship, etc. Write it out on your parchment paper starting with the following words:
    "On this day, from my soul, I have agreed to let go of [write in what you're willing to let go]."
    Finish with the following:
    "In deep gratitude for what I have learned, and how I have grown, I freely release this energy to the Universe, where it may be transmuted into light, and renewed energy for my highest good.
    I am now free. As I say it, it is so. Aho!"
  4. Now rattle or drum, and call in whichever spirit or high divine being, deity, God/dess you wish to witness your releasing ceremony.
  5. Put down your rattle, add more sage to your cauldron, and as the smoke rises, read out your parchment with a clear, strong, soul-connected voice.
  6. Fold the parchment once away from you, and then quarter turn it counter-clockwise and fold it again. Light your parchment on fire and let it burn in your cauldron.
  7. Rattle as the smoke of the sage and your released energy rises up into the Universe, knowing that you are free, and that it will return to you as renewed energy.
  8. When the parchment has burned down, scatter the ashes, and then return to your ceremonial place.
  9. Light your second charcoal, and sprinkle some lavender buds and mugwort on the heated disk. As the sweet smoke rises, breathe in the scent, and begin to rattle OR hold the black moonstone in your dominant hand and the white moonstone in your receptive hand. You can wear the covellite over your heart.
  10. In your mind's eye, imagine yourself standing in ring of moonstones under a full moon night's sky. Entreat the moon goddess to speak to you. Invite her wisdom and guidance in seeking out your joy and purpose. Allow yourself to receive whatever visions are shown to you or words/thoughts are spoken to you.
  11. When you begin to tire, thank the goddess, and come back to your present moment.
  12. Sprinkle more lavender and mugwort onto the charcoal, giving thanks to Spirit, to whichever deity you called in to witness, and to the moon goddess. Spend the rest of the day nurturing yourself.

Blessings be!