Crystal Therapy for Healing Heartbreak

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Heartbreak, to be honest, is a somewhat general term.

It's a feeling we can experience in response to grief, loss, regret, failure, even shame.

I'm not a believer in what I call "cookie-cutter" crystal healing. In other words: one standard crystal layout meets all needs.

(By crystal layout, btw, I'm referring to what you see above: the placement of specific crystals on the body to help effect healing. Aka: the laying on of stones).

Everyone's experience is different, everyone's needs can be different.

The magic of this program is that you are expertly trained in how to custom build layouts to suit every single client's individual needs in a session, rather than just relying on replicating general layouts from a handbook.

Here's the one I built specifically for this case study...


The Case Study

Total transparency: I’m basing this particular practice client case study on myself.

A few years ago I was in an abusive relationship.

I won’t go into the details of that, but when I finally pulled out of it, I had to face what had led me there in the story of my life.

Childhood trauma. Low self-worth and self-esteem. A shadow belief that my needs and feelings didn’t matter, and an underlying commitment to please others.

As I worked through all of this and it started to unravel, I was heartbroken.

Heartbroken for the little girl who’d lived through such terrible bullying.

Heartbroken for the woman who made one bad relationship choice after the next, because deep down she didn’t feel she was worth more or better.

And I admit that, as a healer, I also felt a little shame, like I should have known better. And that broke my heart a little, too.

But we ALL have our life-healing process to do, even healers. I was determined to honor mine.

This is a replica of the healing layout I used frequently during this time.

  1. Root chakra: two pieces of ruby with red jasper in between.
    Ruby - grounding, energizing, but also very empowering energy for the foundation of the emotional system. Good for people who are reclaiming their sense of self-worth, personal power, and potential.
    Red jasper - a grounding stone of courage, endurance, emotional strength and stamina.

  2. Sacral chakra: bloodstone.
    Bloodstone, for emotional healing + stability, and also to help with feelings of independence, overall wellness, and security.

  3. Solar plexus chakra: malachite.
    Malachite helps to clear blocked energy that can be the result of emotional trauma, especially that which affects our sense what we’re worth, our personal power, and the choices we make in our lives. It’s also a deeply emotional healing crystal.

  4. Heart chakra (clockwise from top left in this photo): mangano calcite, rhodonite, rose quartz, rhodochrosite.
    Mangano calcite: gentle healing of grief and loss. Acceptance.
    Rhodonite: courage, emotional strength, emotional detox.
    Rose quartz: self-love, self-worth, heart healing energy.
    Rhodochrosite: slow but steady healing from childhood trauma, heavy emotional wounding, supports us in loving ourselves again.

  5. Throat chakra: blue calcite.
    Blue calcite: helps to clear energy blockage in the throat that can be caused by not speaking up, blocked emotional expression. It allows you to release and eases stress.

  6. Third eye chakra: petalite.
    Petalite to help calm the mind, ease feelings of stress, anxiety, shame, overthinking or overanalyzing. Also good for sleep.

  7. Crown chakra: angel aura quartz (left) + moonstone (right).
    Angel aura for faith, hope, and divine guidance.
    Moonstone for empowering goddess energy, healing of the divine feminine.

Final notes: It’s important for me to point out that crystals can’t make our pain go away - they help provide us with the healing energy we need as we work through our healing process.

Healing often takes a village: I also worked with a life coach and healer during this time, and I had a wonderful network of friends supporting me.

But I can’t imagine having gone through this period in my life without my crystal healing! I felt it helped me process, recover, and heal more quickly and fully.

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