Crystal Therapy for Systemic Stress

Crystal Therapy for Systemic Stress  /

In the next 4 weeks I'll be teaching 4 different case studies:

Physical: Systemic Stress

Emotional: Heartbreak Healing

Mental: Anxiety

Spiritual: Recovery from Psychic Attack

Why choose stress for physical healing?

Because stress is an underlying factor, either as a trigger, something that makes illness worse, or even as a cause, for almost all illness (both physical and mental), including digestive, auto-immune, skin disorders, allergies, obesity, migraines, vision, and tissue-related injuries and illnesses.

But there's also a second reason:

Because I'd like to shift the crystal healing conversation, right off the bat, from "chakra balancing". There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about crystals and the chakras, this is something we cover in the program and also something I discuss in my book "Crystal Reiki".

"Red for the root, etc." is beginner-level. We blow past that in Pro Crystal Healer after the first week of class (and there's a total of 12 weeks of class).

Some of the work I have pioneered in crystal healing is working with the electrical system of the body. Crystals emit electromagnetic fields, just like the human body. This is scientifically measurable and thus verifiable.

  • Try this: bang two pieces of quartz together in a dark room. You'll see them light up. For real!

The body's brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system (CNS) + peripheral nervous system (PNS) are divinely designed to deliver energy pulses and communication throughout the whole body.

So in Pro Crystal Healer, I teach different protocols, working with the spinal column, to send crystal energy through the CNS and PNS to help support and effect systemic healing (ie: stress, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, autoimmune, etc.).

Important note: to be epically clear, the work I teach in my programs for physical healing and wellness always remain within the bounds of offering energy or spiritual support for healing. This not a medical program, we remain strictly within the legal and ethical scope of energy therapy and healing practice. You can read my website disclaimer for more information.

The Case Study

So here we have a practice client who’s currently experiencing a lot of life stress.

She’s going through what I refer to as “positive upheaval”: she’s received a big promotion (more work and responsibility, and a big learning curve), she’s moving, and her children are starting their first year of school.

It’s a lot for her to manage, and it’s effecting her sleep as well as her skin. She’s having trouble sleeping, repeated acne breakouts on her face, and her eczema is acting up on her arms and hands.

She’s feeling nervous about her new job.

She also finds that she’s comfort eating a lot more than normal and is worried about potential weight gain.

She’s not finding much time for herself, so she’s not exercising regularly, taking baths, or doing some of the other things she’s usually does to help her manage her stress in healthy ways.

  • Because the stress is triggering multiple issues: sleep, skin on different parts of the body, and emotional, a systemic approach can be helpful.

  • Systemic means that we’re looking to address a widespread issue throughout the system, as opposed to something localized or specific.

  • Working with the spinal column, we can send crystal energy frequencies throughout the system to help release or relieve stress in multiple areas simultaneously.

Crystal Therapy for Systemic Stress /
Crystal Therapy for Systemic Stress crystal diagram 1
Crystal Therapy for Systemic Stress crystal diagram 2
  1. I always begin by placing the lower-area crystals first, so that the client remains grounded. I place a smoky elestial quartz at the base of the spine to help draw healing energy down through the body.
    Smoky elestial is essentially the power of smoky quartz x10. It draws powerful light energy down into the body, clears negative energy from the body and aura, and helps us to feel more spiritually supported in life.

  2. Two pieces of smoky quartz are placed on either side of the lower back to reduce stress and tension, and to help clear stress energy out of the system down through the body, and to help keep the client grounded.

  3. A selenite stick is placed along the spine to help reduce pain and tension that could be result of energy blockage, to send purifying and soothing energy into the CNS and PNS.

  4. 4 pieces of black tourmaline are placed to help send neutralizing + balancing energy to the system via the CNS and PNS, and to help clear negativity, stress, anxiety.

  5. An additional smaller selenite stick is placed at the shoulder/neck area to help reduce feelings of stress and tension.

  6. A piece of tourmalined quartz (clear quartz with natural black tourmaline inclusions) is placed on the head (a second one is in between the top 2 pieces of black tourmaline) to help clear the energy of negative mental static and thoughts, and to help send balancing and neutralizing energy down through the endocrine and central nervous systems, which can be adversely affected by stress energy.
    The tourmaline quartz will also support the client in terms of clarity, focus, and will help to combat mental + physical fatigue.

  7. Additional potential placements (not pictured) include smoky quartz at the feet to draw stress energy down and out of the body, help with centering, and holding pieces of rose quartz in the hands for loving, nurturing, soothing energy and to boost feelings of self-worth + esteem.

Final notes: I would use aura clearing techniques (taught extensively in the program), as stress energy in the aura can also be a contributing factor to sleep disturbances and fatigue. Due to the high frequency nature of these crystals, the session time can be a little as 20 minutes, and should not exceed 30 - 40 minutes.

I would suggest to the client to drink a lot of water and eat a “clean” diet for the first 24 - 48 hours after the session to help support the system in grounding + detoxing the energy.

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