How To Work With Rhodochrosite

How to work with rhodochrosite /

Rhodochrosite is a powerful love crystal that’s an ally in deep heart-healing, helping to relieve you of emotional baggage and invite in true or soulmate love.

Wear rhodochrosite daily:

  • for deep heart healing
  • to help lift old wounds to light of your awareness, so that they can be healed/released
  • to free you of old baggage
  • to help resolve trapped grief or bitterness before it manifests into illness
  • to help your heart feel joy again
  • to help heal self-worth wounds that can affect your level of success
  • to increase your self-worth and attract your soulmate
  • to help your heart feel joy and love again

Use it in crystal therapy:

  • place it on your solar plexus to help heal self worth wounds, self esteem, and negative and/or limited beliefs that are holding you back from taking action
  • place it on the heart chakra or hold in therapy or a healing session to support you in deep heart healing work

Meditate with rhodochrosite:

  • to help you attract someone who loves you just as much as you love yourself

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rhodochrosite /
rhodochrosite /