Virgo New Moon Crystals: Time to Pursue Your Potential

virgo new moon crystals /

Virgo New Moon, Sunday Sept. 9th at 2:01pm ET

“Now’s the time to declare, unequivocally, what you intend to create, transform or conjure in your life.” - Jennifer Racioppi

If you've been feeling ready for positive change, and to take action towards what you truly wish to manifest or co-create and achieve in your lifetime, now's your chance to start making it happen!

Some interesting crystals came through when I tuned in to this new moon’s energy, with its powerful planetary alignments and the deep, yet refreshing, and exciting opportunities it creates.

Intense, high frequency crystals that have us aiming high with precision, focus and delight, and yet at the same time ground us in the likelihood of taking action and making it all happen.

But first, the lowdown: here are the planetary influences followed by the themes for this vibrant new moon:

Planetary influences

  • Saturn – life purpose, discipline, soul lessons, commitment

  • Mars – action, energy, initiative, effort

  • Pluto – ruler of the subconscious mind

  • Jupiter – good luck, good fortune

  • Neptune – dreams, potential, higher expression of the self

  • Mercury – opportunities

  • Venus in Scorpio – intimacy, strength in vulnerability

Virgo New Moon Themes:

  • Establishing healthy, productive routines

  • Ambition + focus

  • Self-sovereignty

  • Vision and goals

  • New chapter or fresh starts for the coming year

  • Lasting breakthroughs

  • Taking action towards, and trusting in, set plans for the future

  • Harvesting what you’ve sowed

  • Hard work and effort that pays off

  • Detail-oriented focus

  • Being honest about your priorities and honoring them

  • Being of service for the greater good

  • Making things happen

  • Acknowledging your need for intimacy

  • Being intentional about the relationships you create

  • Remaining practical yet flexible

Crystal Recommendations

Instructions: select which crystal to work with based on the energy support you feel you need at this time, or all of them in combination.

Wear, meditate or sleep with any or all of the following crystals, before or while setting intentions for this lunar cycle, AND, the future life or goals you're seeking to pursue.


nuumite /

Self-mastery, soul-centered potential, stellar achievements, helps to ground and sustain our divine selves and energy beings on the earthly plane

Mookaite Jasper

mookaite /

Loving, nurturing, and sustaining, it helps us to stay grounded while honoring and pursuing our truth on all levels of experience


moldavite /

Soul stone of transformation, activating highest potential, and becoming who we are meant to be in alignment with our higher selves and purpose



hollandite /

Higher self, path of destiny, insight and truth

Tiger Iron

tiger iron /

Grounding, action, focus, driven purpose


actinolite /

Balances the energies of the mind, body and spirit so that they act in tandem, visualization, new directions