Trailblazer: Crystals + Akashic Guidance for the New Moon Solar Eclipse 2019

New Moon Solar Eclipse 01/05/19 at 8:28pm ET

New Moon Solar Eclipse 01/05/19 at 8:28pm ET


New year, new paradigm.

In keeping with the themes of this new year and new moon, I’m approaching these posts in a new way: from an Akashic perspective (as opposed to astrological), and providing soul-based crystal suggestions.

Interestingly enough, what came through my Akashic guides resonated strongly with astrological reports for this new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn, so there’s proof of the divine design, for you!

I’m really excited for this new moon and for the paradigm shift it engenders, as after 2018 I’m so ready to do things in a new way, to strike further than I have before, and make all that good change last.

Key word for this new moon solar eclipse: Trailblazer



trail·blaz·er | \ˈtrāl-ˌblā-zər \

Definition of trailblazer

1: PIONEER sense 2a trailblazer in astrophysics

2: one that blazes a trail to guide others : PATHFINDER

Definition by Merriam-Webster

Key question for this new moon solar eclipse: Are you ready to blaze a new trail or be a pioneer in some way in your life?

‘Cause if so, now’s your chance!

Here’s the guidance I received from the Akashic Records about this new moon solar eclipse:

This is a time to start again. This applies for new paths or projects, but also for projects that were started but then abandoned once before. This new moon solar eclipse will offer the insight, clarity, and inspiration you need to approach things in a new way.

This is true for your life in general. You have the opportunity to discover and invest in more of your own inner genius: your authentic talents, aspirations, and passions. There is so much of you left to discover, develop, and nurture, that can bless your life and those around you in so many ways!

What’s authentically you? What do you truly enjoy? What fills you with joy and the feelings of beneficence and abundance? You’ve got the go ahead to unabashedly celebrate and pursue your desires!

This is a time to defy old paradigms of thinking and doing as they continue to fall away. Catch yourself if you find yourself falling into old patterns of thought or choice. Take a little longer to make big decisions and allow your thinking to be inspired and deep – your soul’s guidance will come through.

Take bold action! This is not a half-way kind of thing!! You are boldly moving forward now, and there is a finality for things that suck (author’s note: yes, they actually said that, lol!).

We’re at a point of no return in a very good way: the positive changes, plans, and intentions you make will stick provided you continue to pursue them. No need to worry that the old will come back to haunt you. This is something to be happy about!

You can be a trailblazer in your own life, in great ways or small. Whether it’s a new hobby or new career, a passion or a purpose, you can have a new path to pursue in 2019.

Crystals that resonate with the themes of this new moon solar eclipse:

Hold them in meditation while visualizing your intentions, wear them while pursuing your goals, or sleep with them at night to receive clarity and guidance.


moldavite /

Soul-based transformation, activation of highest potential


eudialyte /

Pursuing your heart’s desires in real life


phenacite /

Clarity, purpose, insight, soul-based power



moonstone /

Inspired thinking and dreaming


astrophyllite /

Soul-based insight, karmic knowledge, deep awareness of patterns and paradigms

Natural Citrine

citrine /

Joy, optimism, creativity, abundance, health, and all kinds of good vibes!

Blessings for 2019, dear ones!