How to Have a Transcendental Experience with Crystals

transcendental experience with crystals /

For years my crystal work has been focused on healing, but that’s really only one part of working with crystals. In the past while I’ve become increasingly fascinated by the spiritual development work we can do with crystal energy.

By having such experiences, we move out of our daily stories and perceptions of our (separated) selves and come in contact/reunite with that which is greater, divine, and whole (as in oneness). This has an alchemical effect on our own subatomic structure, infusing us with more light and awakening greater levels of consciousness.

Transcendental experiences give us a sense of something more, of our greater possibility. They helps us to feel that we’re not alone. They add a layer of magic to our lives. 

Here's how to have a transcendental experience with a crystal:

You will need one of the following crystals for your transcendental stone: celestite, moldavite, danburite, or sugilite (sugilite is especially good if you're feeling any fear around this exercise)

You'll also need: a piece of rose quartz to place on your heart chakra for loving energy, and a piece of smoky quartz to place on your root for grounding energy. Check out this chakra diagram for chakra placements.

*If you have questions about crystal substitutions, you can ask me in the comments below.*

Safety first! Doing this work can leave you energetically vulnerable, so follow these precautionary steps first:

  1. Clear the space in your room. Use sacred smoke, sound, or whichever technique works best for you. 
  2. Set a timer. I recommend allowing for at least 30 minutes to do this work, but as I wrote in my book, I had a transcendental experience in under five minutes, so this is only a guideline. 
  3. Ground yourself afterwards: eat something, drink some water, cuddle your fur baby, go for a walk, earth, or grab hold of a hematite stone for a while.


  1. Lie down and begin by placing the smoky quartz at your root chakra, the rose quartz at your heart chakra, and your transcendental stone either on your third eye chakra or in  your receptive (non-dominant) hand.
  2. Affirm the intention of your experience.
  3. Invite protective guides, totem animals, or guardians to accompany you if you choose.
  4. Close your eyes, relax, and let yourself drift.
  5. Allow your experience to happen without expectation. The more you're relaxed and unattached to any expectation or results, the better this will work. Let your imagination be open.
  6. When you feel ready to come back, deepen your breathing, wiggle your fingers and toes, take a nice stretch, then remove the crystals from your crown down. It helps to sit with your feet flat on the floor and stomp them a few times before standing to get your chi flowing and for extra grounding.
  7. Make note of what you experienced, and if you received any guidance along the way.

Please note that the smoky quartz is essential! This helps strengthen your connection to your body and the Earth, in case you end up astral traveling, levitating, or journeying to another dimension (this has all happened!), it will help you come right back to your body.