Pisces New Moon Crystals: Deep Healing for Positive Change

Pisces New Moon Crystals / krista-mitchell.com

We entered the Pisces new moon phase this morning at 9:12am ET, and I've been feeling the energy all day: dreamy, contemplative, quiet.

This moon is said to be one of deep healing, guiding us to face our inner darkness, acknowledge our truth, and what we're willing to let go so that we can move forward in a positive way.

This is a time when new projects started will be blessed with beneficence, provided the intentions and goals you set are done so with mindfulness and consciousness about what you're seeking to (co-) create.

At this time, you may be feeling moody, blue, insightful, drawn inward, or guided to make some healing decisions in your life. It's best to honor those feelings.

Take time to journal, dream, or deep-dive into issues you've been afraid or unwilling to face.

Shadow self healing, acknowledging and addressing your wounded self and psyche, can seem like a daunting task, but it offers the ultimate reward: FREEDOM. Freedom from the same old patterns and mistakes, the negative opinion of yourself, the fear that holds you back, the resentment that keeps you tied down, and the thing that blocks your happiness.

It's worth it, and the energy of this new moon in Pisces is supporting you in doing that work so that you're prepared for a massive new change and fresh start coming your way.

The Quality of Pisces + Current Planetary Influences:

  • Pisces: intuition + psychic abilities, liberty, artistic + creative pursuits, sensitivity, empathy, healing, introversion.
  • Chiron: the wounded healer, the gift
  • Mars: initiation, action
  • Jupiter: beneficence, auspiciousness, abundance

Pisces New Moon Themes:

  • setting new intentions that feel more in alignment with your true self
  • auspicious timing for new projects
  • becoming more conscious about what you're cultivating or creating in your life
  • deciding on what you're ready to let go, so that you can start or receive something better
  • putting firm boundaries in place with yourself and others
  • recognizing what needs to be healed within on a deep level
  • cultivating a greater sense of compassion for yourself and others
  • surrendering the choices or behaviors that are holding you back
  • having the courage to face things that are difficult for you
  • acknowledging your own truth or owning your inner darkness
  • completion
  • taking time out for silence and introspection

Pisces New Moon Crystals:

Hold and meditate, sleep with, or wear one or more of the following crystals for emotional support, inner guidance, to increase your intuition, deepen your insight, or to generate even more auspicious energy for a new project:


moonstone / krista-mitchell.com

nsight, creativity, gentleness, intuition, soothing for the emotions, self-acceptance.




chrysocolla / krista-mitchell.com

Compassion, emotional support, water goddess energy, intuition, clairaudience, inner truth, honoring the self.ite here…


aquamarine / krista-mitchell.com

Water element, courage, adventurousness, emotional balance, willingness to let go and flow.

hematite / krista-mitchell.com

Grounding, breaker of chains or ties that bind, inner + physical strength, emotional fortitude, boundaries.

Green Aventurine

green aventurine / krista-mitchell.com

Abundance, openness + willingness to receive, honoring the needs of the self, vitality, positive vibes.

Apache Tear

apache tear / krista-mitchell.com

Gentleness, shadow self healing, letting go, releasing the pain of old wounds or grief, steadfastness in facing your truth, emotional support + backbone.Write here…

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